Who’s To Blame For Arsenal’s Faults This Summer?

Who is to blame for the frankly dire transfer dealings this summer by Arsenal, Arsene Wenger or the board? I thought i’d have a look.

Firstly, I think it could be a combination of both parties to blame for Arsenal’s wrongdoing across the whole summer. If your manager is stating in numerous press-conferences that his team has nearly one hundred million in cash reserves and then you bid for a player, the team is going to milk as much out of you as possible aren’t they?

It’s one of the most simplistic rules in business, if someone is coming to you for something and you know for a fact that they have loads of money, it puts the person who is being approached in the position of power – they either manage to squeeze a ludicrous amount of money out of Arsene Wenger, or they hold onto their valuable player. It’s win-win right?

It doesn’t help when you have a board of directors who manage to remain anonymous throughout the entire window and leave all the bricks to fall upon Arsene Wenger and add more pressure to a team who are infamous for crumbling under the smallest weight of expectation or criticism.



Twinned with a chief negotiator, Dick Law, who I know nothing about, let alone what he looks like, and seemingly not being able to arrange a stag-do in Amsterdam, it’s not really the right recipe for success in the transfer window is it?

Maybe he is a really good negotiator, but the funds he’s been told to work with isn’t sufficient enough to tempt the players to Arsenal? Although, a good negotiator should be able to spin them a tale to accept the team even if they’re offering less money.

Although, it may be a question of 21st century player’s morals as opposed to good old Dickie’s ability. I know Arsenal are known as a nice and homely club with good moral fibres and all about youth and development, but I’m getting bored of it all, to be honest.

I think I’d rather take up the Manchester City/Chelsea mantle now, if no one else is wanting to focus on grassroots football and doing things the “right way” then why should we? Especially when it’s still in the rules of the game that you can spend what you want, when you want.

Let’s bloody well milk it.