Trouble In Paradise Or Just Teething Problems For Manchester United?

“We had long periods of the game but couldn’t score. Apart from the lapse in concentration for their goal, we played well” That’s the understated reaction from David Moyes about his Manchester United side’s performance against the arch enemy Liverpool.

For certain, It’s early doors for Moyes and also for the ‘new’ Manchester United, but there will always be daggers sent his way – it’s part of the parcel of managing one of, if not the biggest, club in the world. And for every point dropped, the daggers dig that little bit deeper, especially when they lose to Liverpool.

The fact Moyes came out and highlighted the fact his team couldn’t score is somewhat understated. Their potency, penetration and all round creativity lacked any kind of spark, and it was no wonder the Scot has spent the summer running around like a headless chicken aimlessly faxing any old bid for any playmaker in the land.

To everyone’s surprise, no marquee signing, no splashing the cash, Moyes might as well be sat in Goodison Park pulling his hair out. This summer, I imagine, has been the most frustrating of David’s managerial career.

Cesc Fabregas, opted against a move to Old Trafford and we’ve heard Modric’s name being mooted around to no avail, and with a solitary 24 hours left for any new arrivals, Moyes, the fans and imaginably the team will all be frustrated with the lack of new faces.

Football is about evolving with the times. Barcelona have smartly brought in Neymar and Madrid have broke their own egotistical, pointless record of been mugged off for millions and drafted in Gareth Bale from Tottenham. Football, sadly, is about financial muscle – who’s got the clout to match their mouth, but it’s clearly a sense of mo’ money, mo’ problems.

The pressure will surely be on for David Moyes in these next 24 hours, especially after that performance against Liverpool, to improve on his squad and too improve his chances of letting that monkey on his back get the better of him.

Liverpool candidly outplayed United, something that can’t be said too often. They were the better side, they deserved the three points, and the lack of a creative midfielder was all too apparent. So Moyes, the ball is in your court, so to speak. Buy, or maybe try playing Kagawa.

He’s still alive, right?

Michael King

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