3 Managers I would Like To Succeed Arsene Wenger At Arsenal

Being an Arsenal fan hasn’t been easy over the last few years. While my Manchester United supporting-friends lord it up over the buckets of silverware their team is winning, we at the Emirates have had misery showered over us. But a chat over a quiet pint with said United fans got me thinking, should Arsene Wenger leave at the end of the season, who would replace the great Frenchman? Here are three that I wouldn’t mind taking the reins.

1) Michael Laudrup – Swansea

The former Denmark international has done wonders at Swansea and has proved himself worthy of the title Premier League manager. As well as getting the Swans’ silky style of football to become more penetrating, he’s also picked up a huge number of bargains in terms of transfers since his arrival in Wales. For me, Laudrup would be my number one choice.

2) Antonio Conte – Juventus

With his contract expiring in 2015, Conte could well be tempted at the end of the season. Juventus have won back to back Serie A titles and play some of the most exciting football in Europe, something which could, I feel, take the current squad to higher levels.

3) Dennis Bergkamp – Ajax assistant manager

Why not? How do you replace a legend? Replace him with another. The non-flying Dutchman is, and always will be, a hero of mine for what he did for our club, and I would love to see him back. The experience he has picked up as a coach at his boyhood club is enough to convince me that he would offer us success, although that may just be my Arsenal head on.

This is by no means an ‘Arsene Wenger out’ article, I just thought I would pick some managers that I would be happy to see come into the club should our French gaffer leave. What do you reckon fellow Gooners?