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My Bad Boy XI – Part 2

Onto the midfield and strikers of my team with a mean side to them. Let’s go!

RM – On the wing, it feels right that it should be Mickey Thomas. The Welsh wing wizard was caught passing on forged bank notes to Wrexham trainees, and when in prison he had to serve his time with a cellmate who was arrested for the murder and decapitation of both his victims.

Thomas didn’t let this affect him, though, as he was pictured happily sipping champagne in his cell.

RCM – Got to be Mr Joey Barton, hasn’t it? The midfielder has had an entire career littered with misdemeanours, with being charged with violent conduct by the FA on three separate occasions – for the assault of Ousmane Dabo, for punching Morten Gamst-Pedersen in the stomach and for his outburst against Manchester City on the last day of the 2011-2012 season, in which he attempted to head butt Vincent Kompany, the man with the biggest head in existence.

LCM – With a not so promising acting career in full-effect, Vinnie Jones was once had a bad streak when was a footballer. With numerous occasions involving overly aggressive tackles and petty stuff on the pitch, Jones was prone to flaring up off the pitch, too. He admitted ABH on his neighbour and received a £300 fine and 100+ hours of community service.

The funniest story I found, was when he got into a scuffle with a passenger on a plane and when the crew tried to intervene, he threatened to have the passenger along with the crew murdered for a total fee of £3,000. Classy Vinnie, classy.

LM – Not a conventional left midfielder, but I had to put this man in, George Best. A man who once said he spent all of his money that he earned in his career on “Booze, women and fast cars” and the rest he “squandered”. A man who suffered horrible alcoholism in his life and when asked what he regretted in his life, replied with the fact he missed a penalty against Chelsea and that was the only thing he would do differently.

With a 12 week prison sentence for drink driving and the assault of a police officer, he served his sentence in Ford Open prison, where he made numerous appearances for the prison football team. Brilliant.

RF – I’ve only just found out about this man, the name rang a bell but I never knew why. But in 2000, Dai Thomas was caught on film during the European championship in Belgium with a group of hooligans who were caught on film clashing with police and chanting racist chants in the streets, but later claimed he was caught up with them and didn’t have any affiliation with them.

Two years later he may have rebuffed his claims against hooliganism when he threw an advertising hoarding at away fans in an FA Cup game where his team Cardiff beat Leeds United 2-1, with a jail sentence of sixty days and a ban from all English and Welsh grounds for six years following.

LF – This is probably the most high profile player who has had run ins with the law in numerous countries – crazy Diego Maradona. He has had a career where he has been regarded one of the best players to grace the sport in which we all love, but with a few blemishes on his record.

One being an addiction to cocaine that started in 1983 when he was playing for Barcelona.  After El Diego had overcome his drug problem, the Italian government claimed that he owed 37 million Euros in taxes to the country but has only paid less than fifty thousand Euros, two luxury watches and a set of earrings, both were confiscated by police when he re-entered the country. What a man.

I think my team would win a few games, but the games they lost, they’d start a fight anyway! Who would be in your bad boy XI?