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Why Arsenal Should Have Looked Elsewhere During The Transfer Window

It would seem that Mesut Ozil’s move to Arsenal was seen as the biggest of the transfer window, and if you think this you would probably be right. But was it a smart move from Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger, who has probably stopped hyper-ventilating by now after spending £42m on one player, promised to spend big and kept his promise, although fans were kept sweating after the longest medical football has ever seen.

At the start of summer it seemed that Wenger was intent on signing Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and they even put in an offer of £40m and one pound, that they believed allowed them to talk to Suarez over a potential move. Suarez, also under this impression, was less then impressed when Liverpool refused to allow him to talk to the Gunners. Arsenal kept up the chase publicly, with Wenger often saying how Suarez was his number one priority.

But that, all of a sudden, went cold and before we knew it Suarez was apologising to his team mates and the fans and that was the end of that.

A world class striker seemed to be the main agenda and players such as David Villa and Christian Benteke were seen as perfect recipients of the assist mad midfield of Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta and Walcott. But words are cheap and Arsenal fans, notoriously Piers Morgan, were growing increasingly frustrated.

Over the last couple of seasons it had become obvious of what Arsenal require. A commanding central defender and a world class striker. The loss of Robin van Persie isn’t fixed by Olivier Giroud, despite his prolific start to this season, and Per Mertesacker , despite his many Germany caps, isn’t the most reliable of players. Thomas Vermaelen hasn’t hit the heights of a couple of seasons ago after a few injuries and a top class centre half to play alongside Laurent Koscienly should’ve been on Wenger’s wish list.

Goalkeepers like Reina and Victor Valdes were branded around to help shore up the defence, but Wojciech Szczesny, bar a couple of mistakes every now and then, are pretty solid. But as the days passed no transfer activity seemed imminent, a direct contrast to their north London rivals Spurs.

But then on the morning of deadline day, Arsenal fans woke to the news that they were in advanced talks to sign Mesut Ozil, and all of a sudden Gunners everywhere were rejoicing. By the end of a long day (take a moment to feel sorry for Geraint Hughes who had many Arsenal fans screaming in his ear all day) the deal was confirmed and Ozil was an Arsenal player.

But that was it in the way of top signings. A back up goal keeper was also brought in and that was that. No striker. No defender. But most Arsenal fans were ecstatic.

Only the most level-headed of Arsenal fans could see the bigger picture. The days of teams bullying Arsenal were still going to happen. The days of defensive frailties weren’t going to go away because they signed Ozil.

No, what Wenger has done is made a statement. A very big statement at that. He’s shown the fans that he isn’t scared to spend big but the signing reeks of desperation. Ozil, last season, had the most assists of anyone in Europe, but who’s going to put them away. Arsenal created many chances last season but lacked the striker to put them away.

Yes, Ozil will shine this season, but his efforts will ultimately go to waste and Arsenal fans can expect another 4th place finish, in my opinion.


Huw Rawlings