5 Of The Worst British Stadiums For Atmosphere

This list is obviously taking a bearing on the amount of supporters each team has and the division it finds itself in this season. Therefore this won’t be a random selection of non-league sides. And yes, I know this is stereotypically very ‘rich’ coming from me! So, in no particular order, these are my 5 worst football stadiums for atmosphere:

Craven Cottage, Fulham: A ‘neutral section’ of the ground mixed in with visiting supporters is probably enough to justify this. For anyone who has experienced this, it’s quite ‘nice’ to celebrate a goal yards away from a home supporter – although chances are he will be a relative of Bryan Ruiz. God forbid you witness the Fulham faithful stamping their feet to put an opposition goalkeeper off…

Oakwell Stadium, Barnsley: If it wasn’t for away fans, Oakwell would be dead each and every Saturday afternoon… that is, apart from those who have decided to turn on manager David Flitcroft.

Emirates Stadium, Arsenal: Widely documented and sneered at by fans across Europe; especially those who have been to witness what is a very corporate atmosphere, something Gunners fans will find hard to shy away from. If it’s any consolation, for me, Arsenal’s travelling support is very good.

Vicarage Road, Watford: An old fashioned ground and home to a club full of optimism. Although, when you think of atmosphere, not many would think of Watford – good or bad – yet that’s complimenting them more than you’d think.  The Hornets fans aren’t blessed with great acoustics and empty seats do nothing to help, yet still they make it into the top 5 worst.

Sixfields Stadium/Ricoh Arena, Coventry City: Never much to shout about for Sky Blue’s fans in these past few years, especially at home, but the atmosphere at the Ricoh was always very poor. This has inadvertently carried onto their new home 34 miles down the road in Northampton, which has seen a huge decrease in attendances, as expected.

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