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The Relationship Between North London And Spain

It seems the white and red factions of north London have lost their stars to the two biggest clubs in Spain in recent years, but who are the biggest transfers between north London and Barcelona and Real Madrid?

It appears that Spurs have formed a “special relationship” with Real Madrid, but I can’t see anything like a relationship between them. It comes across as Spurs are a woman who is hopelessly in love with Real Madrid, who, in this case, are a really buff man who can get any woman they wanted, who choose only go to Tottenham when they want to use them and take from them.

Tottenham are too infatuated with Madrid to realise they’re using them, though, even though everyone else on the outside can see what’s happening. This was even more evident when Madrid sold Mesut Ozil to Arsenal, it was like Madrid brought home another girl to Tottenham’s house and now Tottenham want to end their “special relationship” when in fact, Madrid had no idea of this relationship anyway.

Obviously the more high-class signings from London to Spain have happened in recent years. Gareth Bale completed his move a fortnight ago and has already earned nearly a million pounds in wages, which isn’t ludicrous in the slightest because apparently “that’s what you have to pay nowadays” for a “world class player like Gareth Bale.


The starting of the relationship between the two really kicked off when Luka Modric was sold to Madrid, before then becoming the worst signing in La Liga history – or something like that. But he found his feet again at probably the second biggest club in the world, a team that supposedly allow no embedding period. So you had better get scoring – both a lot and consistently – Gareth, otherwise you’ll be spat out by Perez himself.

With Arsenal going a summer without losing a big name to Barcelona, it seemed to be the end of a trend that had emerged and Alex Song was the last player to leave for Barca. Since 2000 though, Arsenal have had a total €310 million from the sale of players, of that total, Barca have generated 41% of it, which equates to about €128 million and that’s only from six players between 2000 and 2011 as I couldn’t find the updated statistics including Song. Out of all the players we lost to Barca, he was the one I was probably the happiest to see leave.

Here is the list of players we did lose to Barca in the order of expensiveness:

Marc Overmars (2000) – €40m

Cesc Fabregas (2011) – €34m

Thierry Henry (2008) – €24m

Alex Song (2012) – €18m

Emmanuel Petit and Alexander Hleb (2003 & 2008, respectively) – €15m each

Giovanni van Bronckhorst (2003) – free

Effectively, Arsenal have been a feeder club for Barcelona in recent time and if Spurs keep creating players like they are, then they may see the same thing happening to them, but with Madrid taking their talent.