3 Powerhouses Who Arsenal Would Benefit From

There are few things more pleasing in football than a big, powerhouse of a player striding through the opposition with the ball at his feet. The panic on the defenders’ faces when a Yaya Toure-type player receives possession and drives up the pitch with minimal effort is brilliant.

You know the type – those that look like they were fed a creatine monohydrate formula as a child rather than cornflakes. Those who possess tree trunks for thighs and the torso of a bodybuilder. In my opinion, this is exactly the sort of player that Arsenal need, a Patrick Vieira-esque player if you will, to solidify the Gunners’ spine. So here are three that I think fit the bill.

1) Paul Pogba – Juventus

When Sir Alex Ferguson let the French midfielder go last year not many thought anything of it. All hopes were on Tom Cleverley *snigger* as he progressed into the first team. However, Pogba had a tremendous season with Juventus and was a key figure in the Turin side lifting the Serie A trophy. He is agile on his feet despite being a big man, and would release the creative shackles on the likes of Jack Wilshere and Mikel Arteta should he join.

2) Kyriakos Papadopoulos – Schalke

The young Greek centre-back is a giant of a man. His physique allows him to adopt a bullish approach to his game and there are very few who get the better of him. He is struggling with injury at present, but should the Bundesliga man get his fitness back then a bid isn’t the worst idea in the world.

3) Mohamed Diame – West Ham

This man, in my opinion is criminally underrated. The Hammers midfielder has the creativity, the technique and the composure on the ball to play for a Champions League side, I’m sure of it. His driving performances have been pivotal to the Hammers’ fine form over the past year or so, but Arsenal would be able to pick him up for next to nothing in terms of transfer fee, especially when you compare it to Mesut Ozil’s. Like Pogba, Diame would facilitate the gap between defence and midfield and spark the attacks.