Hector Bellerin: Arsenal’s Rising star

If you’ve read past articles of mine you will realise that I am quite a big follower of youth football, and as I have such a strong interest in the field, then a player of Hector Bellerin’s talent will not go unnoticed. I mentioned him in yesterdays article about 5 players that could make the step up to the first team this year. The 18-year-old is a former La Masia student. Those of you that don’t know, that’s where all the homegrown Barcelona players progressed from. Wenger is famous for plucking young Spaniards out at this level as he’s already done it with Francesc Fabregas.

Bellerin didn’t arrive on his own, as Jon Toral was signed at the same time. Obviously, Barcelona are growing increasingly annoyed with Arsenal for doing this.

However, there is very little Barcelona can do now. Arsenal, on the other hand, have picked up a player who is exceptionally gifted. As I mentioned yesterday, he has the potential to be the future of the Spaniard’s right-back position. What makes this player so exceptionally gifted is his ability to mix defending and attacking into one. Some full backs around the world are criticised for being to involved in attack, whereas others are criticised for perhaps not attacking enough. Bellerin has blended the two together excellently. He’s also capable of putting in a last ditch challenge one minute and then starting an attack the next.

One of his key traits in terms of attacking is his ability to run with the ball at his feet. He has incredible balance which allows him to easily glide past opponents, which is why the Spaniard can also play right midfield.

One of his key defensive traits is his ability to make a recovery tackle. It’s not to say that opposition can easily beat him which is why he has to make these recovery tackles, but if he is ever beaten he uses his electrifying pace to track back and put in a last ditch challenge.

Enjoy the video

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