Is the new FIFA game a step closer to real football management?

So here’s another edition of the yearly instalment in the FIFA franchise, but is one of their new features a massive step towards total realism?

I am taking for granted a large percentage of you know what Career mode is within the FIFA games, if not, I’ll run through it quickly.

Essentially you become manager of the team of your choice from any league made available and you’re instantaneously in charge and in control of signings and budgets. You’re even in charge of the kit numbers and what boots your players wear. In previous editions, when looking at a player to sign for your team, everything was gifted on a plate – you know how good they are at finishing; how high their sprint speed is, and all that.

But within the new one, they’re unknown to begin with. Your more high profile players like Zlatan Ibrahimovoc’s are revealed as EVERY one knows how good they are. But let’s say you’re looking at Marco Verrati from PSG, as well, his ratings are hidden and you have to employ scouts to track him and as the weeks pass, your scout will provide you a rough estimate of how good they. Then, with further scouting, the more is revealed and therefore leaving you with a better idea of whether he is worth signing.

This absolutely amazed me how a little tweak in the game can add such a different dimension and a much more immersive experience. It is just one step closer for me to becoming a fully fledged manager and if you know of players with talent around the world, you’re going to have a head start in this game.