3 Reasons Andre Schurrle Is Perfect For Chelsea

Football is a game of opinions. Spectators’ views vary from one seat to another, but that’s why we love it. Imagine if everyone thought that Tom Cleverley was overrated. Oh… Well, during my trip to Tottenham last week I overheard a conversation in the away concourse between three fellow Chelsea fans, slagging off Andre Schurrle. Being a fan of the German, I politely corrected them in a few assumptions that they made and made a few of my own, to which they quickly changed the subject with no comeback. Here are three reasons why the 22-year-old is a perfect fit for the Blues.

1) Jose’s tactics

Although Mourinho’s tactics are slightly different to when he was at the Bridge the first time round, there are the fundamentals that he has kept. He builds his team from the back, ensuring a tight backline with an outlet just in front, and he encourages his players to hit opponents on the break. Schurrle is perfect for this, as his pace is incredible. Despite his height the German’s burst down the flank are ridiculously quick, and his physique makes it near impossible for defenders to stop him when in full flow.

2) Two footed

Schurrle is equally comfortable using his left foot or the outside of his right, and if you didn’t know then it would be difficult to tell which was his stronger. This allows him to play on either flank, just behind the striker or even up top himself, and opponents have no idea what he’s about to do. Not something many others at the club can offer.

3) Unique

Schurrle really is one of a kind. He holds a vivid presence, lightning pace and an eye for goal. With all the craft the likes of Juan Mata and Eden Hazard offer, they’re physically inept and can be pushed off the ball easily. And with all the goals that Samuel Eto’o and Fernando Torres have scored in their career, neither possess the sort of pace which ables you to peel off the top class Premier League defenders.

Andre Schurrle is something completely different to anything else at the club, and I for one am over the moon that people are starting to realise his talent. 

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