The Player Attracting Interest From Four Premier League Clubs – Player Report

It must be brilliant being a footballer. Not only do they get to play the beautiful game for a living, but they – on the whole – get paid huge amounts of money for it. Imagine having the pick of four Premier League clubs who are all keen to capture your signature, with a probable pay bump and chance to showcase your abilities on a much larger stage. Well, according to The Daily Star, that’s similar to what is happening with 22-year-old Jlloan Hamad, who has Fulham, Norwich, West Ham plus another chasing him, as well as a number of European clubs.

So, here’s a bit of background to the chap.

A full Sweden international, Hamad plies his trade with Malmo and is their skipper. He’s a nippy little winger who stands at just 5ft8 and he has a host of tricks up those little sleeves of his.

Traditionally a right-sided player, Hamad can also play on the left flank or in the central attacking areas. So far in his career he’s played 171 games, scoring 36 goals and is rated as one of the most exciting players yet to burst on the European stage.

Which Premier League club will get their mitts on the young Swede.