The complex art of taking a free kick (video)

As we all know, free kicks are not the easiest of skills to master. But if you can tweak your talent enough then you will be able to consistently take a good free kick, which is one of the best feelings in the world. Just being able to cleanly strike a ball from range with power and accuracy is still extremely good. The video is basically every football players’ heaven, being able to smash a selection of footballs at a decent goalkeeper on a good surface without the worry of hitting cars or the danger of losing the ball. If you ask me, there’s nothing I’d rather do.

In this video they dont explain how to take free kicks nor do they really demonstrate their skills in a real life game situation, but what this video does do is motivate and inspire the audience to pick up a ball, find some friends, go to a local park and blast footballs at a goal all day. Dusk ’til dawn football. Perfect.

Load up this video, sit back with a drink, watch the video, watch some others that the ‘freekickerz’ have done and just be inspired to go outside and play football.



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