3 Reasons Why I Would Love Manchester United To Sign Andres Iniesta

 Being a Manchester United fan, this may seem obvious. But here are my three reasons after the Express reported that both ourselves and our noisy neighbours Manchester City are interested.

1) Alluring

Andres Iniesta is a player that I have based my own game on for many years now, despite being only 19. Watching the Spaniard in action as a child was a huge excitement for me and I have tried to take some of his technique, flair and hard work into my Sunday league team.

It hasn’t worked.

For me the Barcelona player is one of the finest midfielders I have ever seen play the game. His awareness on the ball, the way he can effortlessly burst forward with the ball and thread an eye of the needle type pass, all the while being a short, pale bloke of average build.

To see him don a Manchester United shirt, who are my first love, would be amazing.

2) Ozil

While David Moyes has struggled since arriving in sunny Manchester, down south some tin pot club named Arsenal signed Mesut Ozil. Not only is he one of the most able players on the planet, but he’s shot them up to the top of the league.

We need to get one up on them.

3) Stop the press

It seems as though the country’s media have a problem with Manchester United’s midfield. I have seen firsthand how much Tom Cleverley has come on, and while Anderson is deadwood, Marouane Fellaini has shored us up nicely.

The arrival of Iniesta would squash the midfield ‘problem’ that we have once and for all.

Who Should Andres Iniesta Play For Next Season?
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