3 Reasons Why The Haters Should Give Danny Welbeck A Break

It is safe to say that Danny Welbeck didn’t have the best of games for England last night in their 2-0 victory over Poland. Every pass seemed to balloon off his foot, his heading was a mess and he missed an absolute sitter when the game was level. However, the criticism that rained down on him after last night was unwarranted, unnecessary and frankly disappointing to witness.

He may often look like a baby giraffe when he’s trying to run with the ball, but here are a few reasons as to why people need to get on his side rather than slate him.

1) More than goals

Yes, he scored just one goal last season in the Premier League, but there are reasons for that. First of all, he plays on the wide left of the pitch. Although traditionally a forward, he has been deployed as a wide forward for some time now.

He created 22 chances last term and completed 87% of his passes while also winning 57% of his personal duels. Welbeck is about more than just goals and proves that by the positions he takes up.

2) Age

He’s still only 22 years of age. Some players can brush off criticism without any bother, but some take it personally and let it affect their game. I don’t know Welbeck personally, obviously, but shouldn’t fans offer encouragement rather than slagging off a young player?

3) He’s one of our own

Why would you be throwing hate at one of our own players? Welbeck put his heart into the game last night, and many others before, and will be just as happy we are going to Brazil as any of you reading this.

Does Danny Welbeck deserve the abuse?
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