3 Reasons Why Arsenal Won’t Win The Premier League This Season

Three reasons why Arsenal won’t win the league this season, written by an envious Hammer.

1) Arsene Wenger

Wenger is a manager I used to admire greatly. After all, you can’t argue with that he has done for the club over the years. However, last season the entire club support were calling for his head and for good reason. Nothing is ever his fault, despite his dubious player selection, and the shoddy losers mentality at the club is because of him.

I will no doubt get some stick for this, but wait for Arsenal to lose a few games and watch the doubters come running back.

2) Lack of firepower

While Manchester United have Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, and Manchester City have Alvaro Negredo, Sergio Aguero and Edin Dzeko, Arsenal have Olivier Giroud and, err, Nicklas Bendtner.

Giroud has had a strong start to the season, scoring four goals in eight games, but there is no back up worth playing. Wenger has Bendtner and Yaya Sanogo to fall back on, and while the former is useless, the latter has no experience and a history of injury problems.

Wenger will have to spend in January, in my opinion.

3) Fickle fans

Okay, so Arsenal fans pay some of the highest prices in the Premier League and they haven’t won a trophy in the past seven or so years, but their fans are amongst some of the most fickle I have come across. Being a lifelong West Ham fan, a lot of my schoolmates support Arsenal and I know first hand how negative they can be at the first sight of gloom.

I’m not judging their fanbase on a few of my mates, though, far from it. As soon as Arsenal have a wobble, their fans protest, social media blows up and the tv is flooded with upset fans.

Piers Morgan is an example.

By Stan O