Should Hernandez Be Looking To Leave Manchester United?

Manchester United have been going through a few changes this season – yes, changes, that’s a good word to describe it. Currently sitting 8th in the Premier League table, United are really feeling the loss of Sir Alex Ferguson. Last season they were kings, this season, well, it’s a bit of a dull roar right now. However, one thing that has remained the same since last season is Javier Hernandez’s struggle to find his place at the club.

In my opinion he is on of the most underrated players in the league. Sir Alex Ferguson went to Mexico himself to recruit the Mexican-international to his side in 2010 and since then he has made his mark in Manchester. Hernandez always delivers when called upon, however, with Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie as the ultimate striking duo up front; he is usually only called upon as a sub. He really hasn’t been given the chance to let his talent shine.

Chicharito first made an impression on me in the 2010 World Cup. Who was this guy scoring all of these goals for Mexico? Alas, it was Javier Hernandez, and soon after that, he was whisked away to Manchester to play for one of the best clubs in the world. He is an exceptional talent, and still young, only 25. However, if he wants to get first team play it’s going to need to be at a different club. All of this bench warming is starting to effect his international career as well. Mexico struggled to qualify for the 2014 World Cup and only managed to with a win from CONCACAF rivals the United States. The kid that was once ripe with potential is now getting lost in the shuffle of the big leagues.

So what should he do? Where will he go? Will David Moyes even let him leave? In my opinion, Hernandez should get out in the January transfer window if he can. He needs to go to a club that is in need of a striker, or at least one where he will get adequate playing time. There were rumors of him moving to La Liga over the summer, but those turned out to be just rumors. If he wants to be the best he needs to play against the best there is, which is why I also feel he should at least stay in England.

Moyes has vowed to keep him in Manchester, however, in my opinion he should just let him go. Hernandez should want to leave as well, he never looks happy on the bench – he belongs on the pitch. Maybe it’s those green eyes that this girl fell in love with, but I just want to see him play a lot more, no matter which club it’s for.

His talents are beyond worth it.