5 reasons why Flamini should play against Manchester United

Arsenal vs Manchester United: a game that draws crowds from all over the world, with viewers completely engrossed in the rivalry between the two clubs. The intense history between them generates an audience based on that alone.

The most recent clash between these two didn’t quite live up to the billing of previous enounters but certainly entertained. However, the last time these met, United had already won the league and Arsenal were desperately trying to catch Tottenham who occupied fourth. This time around, the two are undertaking roles very similar to the last game but one of the few differences being that it’s Arsenal who are currently leading the pack while United are trying desperately hard to climb the table.

In order for Arsenal to win this game, they must use their strongest players available, and one of the players that has been very strong for the Gunners this season is Mathieu Flamini. The Frenchman is set to return to the squad for this game and here are a number of reasons why he should start:

1. He’s played against Manchester United plenty of times in the past so he knows what they’re all about. This is a very important factor in a game like this as experience is a wonderful thing to have in the starting lineup. He also knows about the rivalry between the clubs very well and understands that this is a special game for the North London club, meaning he will try even harder than usual.

2. He is an extremely brave player that is willing to engage in a dogfight to win Arsenal the game, which the Gunners have lacked in previous ties. If anyone can strike fear into an opponent it is Flamini, and he needs to scare United, especially van Persie and Rooney who are the main dangers for the Emirates outfit. His bulldog like approach will also inspire the players around him to take a similar path.

3. He is always willing to stay back and help out the defenders, acting as a player that is almost stuck in the channel in between the midfielders and defenders, an area where Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney operate at the highest level. If Flamini can prevent Rooney from creating chances for the Dutchman, then Arsenal’s desired victory will become a little easier to grasp.

4. Despite the main aspect of his game being breaking up play with tackles and interceptions, he does possess the ability to control the midfield with his passing attributes. He can keep Arsenal ticking over and help them keep possession. He links up the defenders with the midfielders and the wingers with each other. He constantly peels away from opponents to provide an outlet if a team mate is in danger, something which often goes unnoticed.

5. He’s hungry. He’s hungry to win, to battle, to run and cause as much damage to the United players as possible. His energy and desire to achieve those goals is one of the best in the team. When he’s pumped, he’s an unstoppable force. He fires out instruction after instruction to his team mates and is always supporting the younger players such as Serge Gnabry. As a warrior and a leader all wrapped in one, what more inspiration do you need?

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