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A Closer Look At The Ukrainian Premier League

To kick-start a new series focused on less popular leagues whose players could be of use to a Premier League side, I’m first looking at the Ukrainian Premier League, which is perhaps overlooked by many despite having a good pool of talent. Shakhtar Donetsk are one of the most famous teams in this division and proved to Chelsea last season that they are no pushovers. Dynamo Kiev are also up and coming in European football. Here’s my list:

1. Andriy Yarmolenko

Perhaps the most talented Ukrainian in the league and possibly one of the best in the league in general. I suggest you take a good look at Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale if you want a comparison to at least gain some idea of how he plays. Big, quick, skilful, and with a very powerful shot. One to consider for sure.

2. Yevhen Konoplyanka

Yarmolenko’s international counterpart, Konoplyanka is another extremely talented winger with a wicked shot on him. However, he’s a different kind of winger to Yarmolenko as he often cuts inside and laces a shot goalwards rather than go on the outside or beat a load of players like Andriy does.

3. Marko Devic

The league’s top scorer at this moment in time with 13 goals, he has also registered two assists to go with it. If you want a consistent goalscorer then Devic is your man. However, it would be wise to snap him up soon due to his age; he turned 30 in October.

4. Darijo Srna

The first non-Ukrainian on the list and the first player that doesn’t play in attack (well, not much anyway). The right-back has been at Shakhtar for 10 years and is now the club captain so the likliehood of him leaving is minimal, but he’s certainly a player that will attract interest. This is especially true as he’s scored four goals and notched up six assists, which are incredible stats for a right-back. An experienced and talented leader, he is the perfect fullback in the eyes of many.

5. Yaroslav Rakitsky

The second Donetsk man to make the list and it is yet another defender; Srna’s centre back partner. Not the tallest centre-back in the world, he more than makes up for it by being an intelligent defender who can read the game and is good at recovering if a player gets past.

6. Eduardo

The former Arsenal forward is now plying his trade for none other than Shakhtar Donetsk, making him the third player on this list to play for that club. Anyway, that’s not the point; the point is that Eduardo proved himself in the Premier League to be a really deadly striker. Capable of scoring goals normally only seen in beach football, he was an intelligent striker, he knew where to position himself and what runs to make. He would be a valuable addition for most Premier League sides.

7. Miguel Veloso

Veloso was known for being that slightly erratic Portuguese midfielder that played for Sporting Lisbon, but not anymore; he is now Dynamo Kiev’s slightly erratic Portuguese midfielder. However, his aggressive approach is one to be applauded as he often gets the job done.

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