Manchester United Ready To Step Up Chase For Real Madrid Midfielder – Here’s Why They Shouldn’t Bother

Manchester United’s midfield ‘problem’ is something that won’t be put away until they sign a new creative outlet who can both solidify the unit and attach it to the attack. One man who is being mentioned for a move to Old Trafford – at least by the Daily Star, anyway – is former Liverpool man Xabi Alonso. However, I feel as though David Moyes should steer clear of the Spaniard.

It’s not because of his age, although he will be 32 on his next birthday. Nor is it the fact that he spent five years at Liverpool, the club’s bitter rivals. The reason I would suggest that the Red Devils focused on other targets is because of who is already at the club.

Michael Carrick holds a very similar game to Alonso. Both players sit in front of the backline, both players are clever in picking off opponents, and both players are renowned for their range of passing. They are both static players who use their distribution to make up for the lack of movement, and to play them alongside each other would be pointless, in my eyes. Detrimental, even, as it would make the United midfield even easier to run over.

Marouane Fellaini has been slated for his lack of mobility already this season, so imagine the response when another sluggish player comes into the mix.

Don’t get me wrong, Alonso is brilliant at what he does and excels with the correct player beside him, but I don’t think it would work at Old Trafford.

Perhaps Moyes should be concentrating on more energetic, attacking targets.