Why I Think Eden Hazard Was Wrong To Question Kevin De Bruyne’s Place At Chelsea

I’m sure in life, at times, we all have opinions about our peers. Whether it be co-workers, friends, or family, everyone has got an opinion on everyone else, but the question is, is it ever okay to actually say something? That dilemma came up earlier this week when Chelsea and Belgium mid fielder Eden Hazard was quoted saying that he felt as if fellow Chelsea and Belgium mid fielder, Kevin De Bruyne should probably look to play his club football elsewhere come the January transfer window.

In my eyes, everything that Hazard said was pretty true. If De Bruyne wants to get more first team playing time, he should look to play for a different club once the transfer window opens again in January. De Bruyne, the 22-year-old attacking midfielder hasn’t seen much playing time since his move to Chelsea, and was sent out on loan previously.

It obviously makes more sense that unless your talent is exceptional, a top Premier League club isn’t a good place for a youngster to get adequate first team play. However, De Bruyne is a fine talent for Belgium, he was actually their top scorer in World Cup Qualifying, and I’m sure that more first team play would only make him better. He won’t however, be getting it at Chelsea.

The question here is, were Hazard’s comments out of line? Even though they pretty much are the truth, I really don’t think its Hazard’s place to talk to the media about one of his teammate’s career. He meant it in goodness, I’m sure, he just wants to make sure De Bruyne is ready to represent the World Cup in Brazil, but still nobody wants to hear it, I’m sure De Bruyne especially.

Hazard is a superstar in his own right, and to me he only seemed arrogant making comments on a player that is the exact same age that he is. Like, though the two are the same age Hazard feels that De Bruyne’s talents aren’t as good as his and he won’t be able to keep up at Chelsea. Hazard has more top club football experience, but he certainly doesn’t have more life experience.

Next time Hazard keep your comments to yourself, your teammates will do what they think is right for them, keep your mouth shut and just play football.