A Tribute To Kaka: A Living Legend

There are so many reasons as to why Kaka has been, and still is, one of my favourite players.

He is one of those living legends that we are still able to watch week to week and it makes me so happy. The list of trophies he has won is ridiculous – he has won a World Cup, the Champions League, La Liga, the Club World Cup, the Super Cup, Copa del Rey, Serie A, and the list goes on! He’s no spring chicken either, at 31 years old, Kaka started playing for AC Milan in 2003. After moving to Real Madrid in 2009, Kaka made the move back to Serie A and AC Milan this year.

So why do I love him? Let me count the ways…

Playing club football since 2001, Kaka has only played for three clubs his entire career, which shows a great amount of loyalty. He puts his heart and soul into any club that he is playing for, especially AC Milan.

 Even during his years at Real Madrid, he spoke fondly of the Italian giants and has returned again this season to play there.

During much of his time at Real Madrid, Kaka was plagued by injury as well. Many people were certain that his career was over, but he never gave up. He worked through all of his struggles and the world cheered when we finally got to see him grace the pitch again after quite a long absence.

I also just love him because he seems to be a really great guy – fans from all different clubs and parts of the world respect Kaka as a man and a player. I have never met anyone that said that they didn’t like him, and all of that praise is quite well deserved.