Why Wenger Is The Reason For Arsenal’s Success This Season

I’m sure most people, with the exception of Arsenal fans of course, are a little sceptical about the fact that the gunners have had such a comfortable lead in the Premier League table for so long now. When is it going to end? Or are they actually going to win the Premier League title this year?

I mean, this is something that we all joke about. I’ve seen countless pictures on Facebook listing the objects that have been invented since Arsenal have last won a trophy, outrageous things including Twitter, Wifi, and the Iphone, and we all have a laugh of course.

There are even websites counting down the exact amount of time since Arsenal has won a trophy of any kind! Since I’m not an Arsenal fan, I personally think it’s hilarious, but could this finally be the year that all of those jokes are finally going to come to an end? What is Arsenal doing right this season that all of the other “big four” have been struggling with?

One huge thing that I can’t seem to stress enough when trying to have a successful season is having a strong manager. Sure, they need to know the game and the league, but it’s important to know the team as well.

This season has seen quite a bit of shuffling around of managers, particularly in the bigger teams, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City have all seen new managers this season, Arsenal have been the only exception. Arsene Wenger has been the manager of Arsenal since 1996. He knows the team, he knows the league, he knows Emirates Stadium, and he knows London, though fans have been calling for him to lose his job in the past few years because of the lack of trophies that Arsenal has seen.

All of those naysayers, however, seem to have been hushed this season. In fact, I’m sure Arsenal fans love the fact that they have had such a stable manager for 17 years, and if Wenger can finally bring them a trophy, I’m sure he will finally get the praise that he deserves.

It may only be about halfway through the season but Arsenal are at a comfortable four point first place lead with no sign of slowing down. Maybe all it took was the perfect storm of all of the major competition to be going through transitional seasons for Arsenal to finally end it’s trophy drought after all of these years.

The only downside would be the end of the jokes of course! However, if they continue the way they’re going and really earn it, that trophy will probably mean more to them than it would to any other club. 

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