Top 10: Wonderkids On Football Manager 14 – The Strikers

There are few things more appealing to the modern-day man than the thought of a long session on Football Manager. You come in from work, your other half is out and you have half a pizza from the night before. You stick on Football Manager, recline in your seat and gear up to lead your club to title success with the player you took a gamble on signing firing you to glory.

It eats up so much of our time but we can’t help going back. It’s a game that allows us to put the knowledge we have built up over the years of watching the beautiful game to the test, and we love it.

So, as we approach the Christmas period, I thought that I would do a bit of digging and see if I could find any ‘wonderkids’ to share with you. This segment I have chosen to look at the strikers.

A wonderkid on FM is considered to be a player under the age of 20 who sparkles either because of their current ability or the potential they hold. Let’s face it, we all love to nurture the youngsters on the game in hope that they become world-beaters one day.

So, without further ado, get your game on and search for these youngsters and get your scouts to do some digging on them and watch the goals flow.

1) Jese – Real Madrid – 82

Age: 20

Value: £4m

2) Adam Campbell – Newcastle – 81

Age: 18

Value: £0.35m

3) Yassine Benzia – Lyon – 81

Age: 18

Value: £0.87m

4) Domenico Beradi – Sassuolo – 80

Age: 18

Value: £2.5m

5) Wesley Said – Rennes – 80

Age: 18

Value: £0.06m

6) Paco Alcacer – Valencia – 79

Age: 19

Value: £0.85m

7) Luciano Veitto – Racing Club – 79

Age: 19

Value: £2.5m

8) Gabriel Barbosa – Santos – 79

Age: 16

Value: £0.09m

9) Nicolas Lopez – Udinese – 79

Age: 19

Value: £1.1m

10) Andreas Cornelius – Cardiff – 79

Age: 20

Value: £9m

 ratings and values are based on the in-game information