Why Arsenal Should Look To Buy Full-Backs Rather Than A Striker

Over the last few weeks you will have heard it everywhere from the down the pub to Match of the Day “if Giroud gets injured, Arsenal are in trouble”.

People are discounting Poldolski, Walcott and not even mentioning Bendtner.  Sanogo and Akpom are not even considered, either.

As Arsenal play with only one striker, who for all his hard work and ability to hold up the ball has only scored 7 goals, one being a penalty and one an early Christmas present from Boruc, you would think the five previously mentioned could manage to fill that gap until the January market.

Then, perhaps, Wenger may pounce for another striker. An apparent failed bid for Luis Suarez plus persistent links with Benzema and Pato make it obvious that the Frenchman knows this position is a weak point.

In my eyes, the real failing is at full-back. With Arsenal playing a very narrow midfield and the wide men upfront coming from any two of Wilshere, Rosicky, Ozil or Cazorla, all of whom are very talented players but none natural wingers.

 The width comes from full-back.  Many a time you will see Gibbs or Sagna deep in the oppositions half providing an outlet  and while the outcome can be dangerous, Sagna against Manchester United a prime example.

  More often than not it is a shot over the bar or a poor ball into the box. With these two players essentially playing as a winger at times it is imperative that their final ball is as good as you would expect from  Lahm, Alves , Alba or any other full-back at a top club.  It’s not, however, and with Giroud being such a threat in the air you would imagine they would score a lot more goals and have a realistic second opinion when their tippy-tappy central approach fails.

One assist from Monreal, Gibbs, Sagna and Jenkinson combined highlights this. As time and time again they get into great positions only to fail with the final ball. Cover for Giroud wouldn’t hurt either, though.

Douglas Mackenzie

Stats from the official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League