The Ballon d’Or rap battle (Video)

On Monday the Ballon d’Or presentation ceremony will take place in Zurich with Cristiano Ronaldo hot favourite to take home the award.

Who would begrudge him of such an accolade? Yes, we all know his arrogance is astounding and there is no space in the world big enough to contain his ego but he is a fantastic football player and he has been the best in Europe this past year. 

Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery has had an excellent year, too, and is worthy of a place on the final shortlist but Ronaldo’s goalscoring record is simply too outstanding to be ignored in a year when Lionel Messi suffered quite a few injuries meaning he wasn’t quite at his best.

So, expect to see that ridiculously greasy hairdo make its way up to the stage on Monday night to collect the Ballon d’Or trophy which Ronaldo will no doubt take to Portugal to put it into the museum he opened in honour of himself last year. That’s right, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to create and open a museum for himself. Incredible.

Anyway, as you all know, the internet is a marvellous and brilliant tool that has altered everybody’s lives over the past 20 years or so. It provides people who have far too much time on their hands a platform to put together fun, crazy and strange things such as this animated rap battle between Messi, Ronaldo and Ribery.

If only FIFA added this to the ceremony and made it compulsory for each player to compile a rap verse. Now that would certainly make things a little more interesting especially if they had all the top managers judging each contestant’s ability and content. Enjoy.