A Closer Look At How Luis Suarez Ripped Stoke Apart In The Reds’ 5-3 Win

Luis Suarez is having an incredible season to date. The little South American missed the start of the campaign as he served his suspension for biting Branislav Ivanovic but he has since scored 22 league goals in his 16 league games, which is quite some return. Two of those goals came against Stoke yesterday in a game which he dominated from the front.

Continuing up top, Suarez  had four shots at goal and scored twice, but he was also busy in other areas of the pitch. He was happy to drop back and act as a midfield player to try and squeeze Stoke out of the ball, and was also willing to put his foot in when it mattered.

He made three tackles and half of his eight take ons were successful, and although his passing looked a little bit off what we are used to he created so many opportunities by gliding between the lines.

When Liverpool are in and around the opponent’s box there is sometimes a phase of frustration when they can’t break a team down, but the fact they have Suarez and Philippe Coutinho in their ranks means that that rarely happens. Raheem Sterling, too had a good game.

Suarez, take a bow.