Ferdinand Believes In Manchester United’s Top 4 Challenge – But Should He?

Rio Ferdinand has always been one to run his mouth, whether it is his business or not. That’s why some like him, that’s why some people don’t. He seems to be at it again though, regardless of how anyone feels about it, as the Manchester United centre-half has exclaimed, via Twitter, reported in the Daily Mail, how his side WILL finish in the top four in the Premier League table this season. But is he right in saying so?



Firstly, you’d expect him to say such a thing. Not because he is who he is, but because every sportsman believes in what he and his club are doing. Imagine the uproar from his own fans if he had said he believed they wouldn’t.

There is certainly a case for it happening to. Manchester United currently sit in seventh place in the table but are just five points outside the top four. Tottenham, Everton and Liverpool are the three clubs stopping them from being there, and it would only take a little swing to turn that around.

The Red Devils also have the firepower to do so. No matter how flimsy your defence is, if you have Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez leading your line then you are always in with a chance.

I think a lot sits with what they do this month in the transfer window, because there is no doubt in my mind that they need additions – especially in midfield. If Moyes plays his cards right then they have a real chance, even if it was Ferdinand who said it.