Why Arsenal Should Drop Mesut Ozil For Upcoming Games

When Mesut Ozil arrived at Arsenal in the summer, I, as an Arsenal fan, was over the moon. Having admired him from afar for so long, the Germany international was now at my club, where I got to watch him live, for my club, every two weeks.

It started well, too, as he ripped apart just about everything that appeared in his way. It hasn’t gone too badly since, either, and by that I mean he has been incredible – he has created 51 chances in his 17 Premier League games which has included seven assists – but for me, I think he should be dropped for the upcoming games against Coventry and Southampton.

When Arsenal get forward, Ozil is often at the heart of that. Every game that he has played this season he has made at least two key passes, which tells you a lot about him. But then, when going back he isn’t the most convincing of players.

With Flamini and Jack Wilshere in the middle, I would stick Aaron Ramsey in the central attacking space and give Lukas Podolski and Serge Gnabry a go on the wings, or stick the latter up front against Coventry.

Not only could it tighten us up in the middle, but it would also give Ozil a rest and a chance for him to recharge his batteries for the big games against Liverpool, Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

 Gooners, do you agree?