Player Report: Balotelli Linked With Arsenal Switch, But Would Gunners Be Right To Move For Him?

Knowing Mario Balotelli from his time at Manchester City, the neutral will be excited to hear that top Italian sources, cited by the BBC website, have linked him with a move back to the Premier League. Arsenal fans may want to think twice about their reactions though, as it is with them that the rumours apparently come with.


We know Balotelli is an exceptionally talented player, but he needs to be in the mood to show that. He is a composed player who knows where the net is – he has scored 13 goals in 25 games this season for AC Milan, and he could provide the Gunners with an option that they don’t currently have.

He is a quick player but also an exceptionally strong one and it has been seen that centre-halves find it extremely difficult to contain.


Balotelli has been labelled a bad apple and Gunners may be a little cautious with this move, as they are currently in a fresh state of mind.

He can be rash, he has been known to kick out and can get extremely frustrated by something very little. He has also been known to cause friction within the ranks.

Where would he fit?

Giroud is the main man in the Arsenal attack and I don’t think that would change should the Italian come into the club. All top clubs need an option of strikers though and he would be a strong choice to lead the line at the Emirates in my opinion.

Yay or nay?

For the reasons above, and the fact that I believe there is so much more to come from him, I would say definitely – if there is a chance of course.