Kagawa Irritated With Manchester United Form – But Where Is It Going Wrong?

Last season was a positive one for Manchester United playmaker Shinji Kagawa. The Japan international may not have played as much as he would have perhaps liked, but he still rustled up 19 created chances and six goals in his 19 league appearances, and most of them were not full games. However, since the arrival of David Moyes, things haven’t gone so swimmingly.

The former Borussia Dormund midfield is flooded with technique and creativity, but he hasn’t really had the chance to show that this season, and it seems as though he is starting to grow frustrated with life at Old Trafford.

He told Japanese channel Sky PerfecTV – which you can read the interview on the Express website – that he feels very irritated this season as he is yet to score any goals.

The main reason for his lack of form I believe is the stop-start nature of his appearances, as he has not been able to string together a number of games.

Secondly I believe he is being played out of position, as he is naturally a central player but he is being pushed out wide by Moyes. It stops him from darting behind the lines and creating gaps as he has to concentrate on the defensive side of the game as well.

Kagawa has a right to be frustrated, and so do the fans, and I feel as though if Moyes doesn’t play to the Japanese midfielder’s strength then he could risk losing him.