Childish: Why Mourinho’s Dig At Wenger Makes Him Look Bad

Before he arrived back in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho was one of my favourite people in sport. He carried a genuine swagger around on his shoulders and could shut opponents up with a stare, a couple of words of wisdom or simply a gesture. Although I found him a bit overwhelming during his first stint as Chelsea boss he had won me round with his apparent charm – now though, I remember why I disliked him so much.

The Portuguese coach isn’t one to mince his words, which is fair enough, and I even admire the way he sees his players as far superior to anyone else’s. What I don’t like about him though, in fact it frustrates me hugely, is the way he looks down on other bodies in the sport who have accomplished something.

Arsene Wenger is a manager who has been in charge of Arsenal for over 17 years now and has turned them into one of the most silky football teams in the country. Yet Mourinho has come out and publicly labelled him a specialist in failure.

This is a man who has won four Community Shields, four FA Cups and three Premier League trophies, as well as securing them as European contenders pretty much every year.

Mourinho may have succeeded more than him in a shorter space, but by no means does that make Wenger a failure.

For me I think the comments make Mourinho look like a bit of a child, and although they could just be words to wind the Frenchman up, I think it’s the Chelsea boss who comes out looking the worse.