Heartbroken: Liverpool Star Struggling After Arsenal Loss But Can Hold His Head High

Modern day football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. How many times have we heard fans complaining about over-paid players who show no passion? Well that certainly wasn’t the case yesterday when Daniel Sturridge, who was moved to tears after Liverpool fell to a 2-1 defeat at Arsenal in the FA Cup fifth round, was being consoled by Gunners full-back Kieran Gibbs.

The Liverpool forward has been in fine form this season – scored 19 goals in 22 games in all competitions this season and has been a huge reason why the Reds sit so high up the table, but he was guilty of spurning a number of chances during the tie.

He also took to Twitter to show his frustrations, claiming he was heartbroken.

For me it was nice to see.  Not that he was visibly upset, but because in an age where we are used to players swapping shirts, I’m looking at you, Andre Santos, and others asking for autographs *cough* Riise *cough* despite being on the receiving end of a defeat, it’s good to see that there are some who still are genuinely hurt by losses.

No grudges will be held against the England international as he has been such a success for Liverpool this season, and I think the simple show of emotion will have won him many fans who are not affiliated with the club.

In my eyes Sturridge can hold his head up high.