Arsenal Star Claims Gunners Don’t Deserve Anything Above Top Four – Why I Disagree

The thing is, with some players these days, is that they are too modest. I tend not to listen to them because of this. They think that making an outlandish statement will help rally the club and prove that their just honest humans that don’t want to be bias towards their club.

It’s like they don’t want to offend anyone. I prefer those who are straight to the point and will tell their honest feelings without sugar-coating it. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of those players. He had a go at his own team-mate because he thought his performances were lacking. I’m not advocating players being horrible to one-another, all I’m saying is to just be honest.

Per Mertesacker is the latest player to have his say on Arsenal’s season and is claiming that the Gunners don’t deserve top four because of their implosions away from home against big teams. Goal have reported. Which is a fair statement to make.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City was horrible to witness. But, you can’t just disregard all other aspects of the season that have shaped our position in the league. 

The North London club need just one win from their remaining two in order to secure top four. However, it’s not like they’ve come in undeserved. They led the league until February. There’s no hiding from the fact that Arsenal have massively declined, but, to suggest that Arsenal don’t deserve to break into the top four is unfair.

Its not often that a team that finishes in fourth could finish within seven points of the Champions. That’s a credit to the club and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Had a couple of decisions gone their way, then they could be competing right now.

That, to me, suggests that they are worthy of finishing higher than fourth.

Yes, when Arsenal hit the self-destruct button it was very embarrassing, but, they aren’t too far off top spot which shouldn’t be forgotten.

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