Rooney Says No To Van Gaal: Why Manchester United Should Look To Offload The Former Everton Striker

Wayne Rooney is a player who is greatly admired up at Old Trafford. Fancied as the next captain of the club when Nemanja Vidic packs his bags and heads to Inter, Rooney’s opinion is respected at the club. According to reports from the Metro, the former Everton forward has gone to the United board to tell them that Louis van Gaal should not be considered as the next manager of the club. For me, that’s over stepping the mark.

Rooney is not the chairman, nor does he put money into the club. In fact, it is him who the club splash tens of millions of pounds on per year in wages, only for him to repay them with average performances and a mediocre goal tally.

If I was in charge of the club, I would look to move Rooney out of the club.

As well as having adequate options up top already, I think Rooney is a bad apple. He has requested a move away a couple of times, only to take more money off the club, and still he runs his mouth, if the reports are true.

There is no one player bigger than their club, and despite the amount of money Rooney is on, that includes him. For what it’s worth, I think van Gaal would be more important to the club, if he is appointed, than Rooney.

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