Former Liverpool Captain Says Arsenal Need A Different Type Of Midfielder To Compete For Title – Why He’s Correct

Arsene Wenger had Arsenal pumped this season. After splashing out on Mesut Ozil, the Gunners went onto lead the Premier League for some time and were playing well in Europe. Then, in typical Arsenal style, everything fell flat and they were left to fight for fourth spot, which they eventually sealed. They are in the FA Cup semi-final, though. Graeme Souness, who is a Liverpool legend, has said that to compete next season they need a ‘different’ type of midfielder.

He said, via Sky Sports, ” He needs a different type of midfield player. For me, they’re too samey in midfield. I think they are very close.

 They need to go and buy an out-and-out striker that would get them 25 or 30 goals a year, which would cost big money, and a different type of midfield player.

Arsenal are too easy to play against. You can’t win a league losing 6-0, as they did at Chelsea, and 5-1 as they did at Liverpool.”

He is spot on in my opinion. Arsenal have a reputation for being a silky side who like to play football the right way, but when it comes to knuckling down there isn’t too much character in the squad.

They need a Patrick Vieira type player who will drag them to success, and score goals along the way. Someone to add muscle, someone to add a physical presence and someone to take the game by the scruff of the neck.

Arsenal fans, do you agree?