Real Madrid Offer £10m To Chelsea Defender – 3 Reasons Why He Should Move To La Liga Giants

Ashley Cole has played his last game for Chelsea, we are now well aware of that. But where he will go to next is something that only he, and probably his agent, can guess. One side that are apparently after his signature is Real Madrid, who are apparently willing to offer him a two-year deal worth £10 million. Here are three reasons why he should join if the offer is true.

1) slower pace

La Liga is notoriously played at a slower pace than the Premier League and would do Cole’s aging legs the world of good. Full-backs in Spain are often gifted a free role up the wing, especially at Madrid, and I think Cole would flourish in that environment.

2) money

If the reports are true and Cole is offered £5 million per year, then surely it’s a no brainer for the England international. Money isn’t everything, but that’s a huge sum.

3) fresh start

Cole is a player who is pestered by the press, constantly in the papers and has been left out for most of last season. A move to Madrid would offer Cole a new start both on and off the pitch.