Pros & Cons: Former Liverpool Skipper In Talks To Become New Brighton Boss

According to reports, former Liverpool defender and Bayer Leverkusen boss Sami Hyypia is in talks to become the manager of Brighton and Hove Albion. Here are a few pros and cons, followed by my verdict.

Pro: Tight defence

As you would expect, Hyypia’s Bayer Leverkusen were very well organised and extremely difficult to break down. The season before last, Leverkusen ended the season with the second best defence, behind only Bayern Munich, and the conceded just 41 goals last time round.

Con: No Championship experience

Hyypia is in the early stages of his managerial career and as a result has no experience in the English leagues. He does, however, have experience in the German topflight and the Champions League.

Pro: Counter attacking

In the Championship it is important to attack with speed and intent, something which Albion have struggled with since Gus Poyet got them to the division a few years back. Hyypia likes his sides to sit back before pouncing forward on the break.

Con: Limited ideas

When Bayer were in a slump last season the former Liverpool skipper struggled to inspire the players and ultimately fell short of ideas. This was his first real test as a manager and he failed in that respect.

Pro: Midfield trio will see youngsters flourish

With Rohan Ince, Jake Forster-Caskey and Toko Nzuzi in the Albion midfield, it could lead to some rapid development as Hyypia takes pride in his midfield. They are the unit that gel everything together and Hyypia is wise to that.


Brighton could do a lot worse than appointing this chap as manager.

Tom Howler