Twitter Reacts: Arsenal Fans Vent Their Anger Over Chelsea Signing Fabregas

When Fabregas upped sticks and left his boyhood club Barcelona to join the Arsenal youth ranks, no one could have known how much impact he would have at the club. After over 300 first team appearances and 57 for the Gunners he returned to Camp Nou, only to sign for Arsenal’s London rivals Chelsea this week. Needless to say, those affiliated with the Emirates club aren’t too happy.

Fabregas was always one to declare his love for Arsenal and when he returned to Spain many forgave him because he had always been open about his desire to return to Barcelona.

However, Chelsea is a different story. Fabregas is still seen as a Gooner by many fans and when they read the news that he had indeed signed on at Stamford Bridge, there would have certainly been hearts dropping into chests across north London.

The initial reaction from most was anger, and if you were on Twitter yesterday you will have seen at least a handful of abusive messages to the Spain star.

Here are some of my favourite Twitter posts regarding the move.  












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