Chelsea: THREE Brazil Players That Mourinho Should Be Moving For This Summer

Chelsea currently have three players in the Brazil World Cup squad and have just sold David Luiz to Paris Saint Germain, so there is an obvious link between the club and country. Oscar, Willian and Ramires are the trio of Brazilians currently competing at the World Cup, but here are three more than I think Jose Mourinho should be moving for this summer.

1) Hulk

He is almost the complete forward and his tenacity off the ball certainly fits in with Mourinho’s typical forward. Hulk is rapid, is skilful and has a powerful shot on him, and is willing to make himself a nuisance for the benefit of his team.

2) Marcelo

With Ashley Cole leaving the club it will be up to Cesar Azpilicueta to take responsibility and continue his impressive run of form. Marcelo may have his shaky moments, like all full-backs, but he has worked with Mourinho in the past and has a good pedigree of success.

His typical Brazilian style of play could really set the Premier League alight.

3) Fred

Not the most endearing suggestion, but Fred knows where the back of the net is. The 30-year-old scored over 250 club goals in his career, including 41 for Lyon, and would be a better option than Demba Ba or Fernando Torres, in my eyes.

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