A Bite Too Far – Why Luis Suarez’s Antics Are Ruining A Great Career

Exactly what are the ramifications of biting another player?  Perhaps we should know after Luis Suarez highlighted the issue with an attack on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic just last year, yet the world of football finds itself perplexed again after a repeat incident.  The repeat offender, however, is the bigger talking point.

Luis Suarez, after scooping a plethora of awards for his incredible performances for Liverpool last season, has bitten an opponent again.  This is the third time the player has committed such an act, with Otman Bakkal the first high-profile victim in 2010 during Suarez’s time at Ajax.

Giorgio Chiellini was the unfortunate player to be faced with the Uruguayan forward’s inexplicable behaviour on this occassion, with the incident occurring towards the end of Italy’s final World Cup group game with the South American outfit.  According to the Mirror, Liverpool have called for crisis talks regarding their player’s future.  The question now is: what will happen to Suarez this time?

There is no doubting his footballing ability, with the striker recently putting Liverpool closer to lifting the Premier League trophy than they have ever been.  Some of the things Suarez can do on the pitch are incredible; things that make other players seem like mere mortals in comparison.  However, his reputation for creating magic with a football at his feet is overshadowed when it comes to causing controversy, as he too often puts himself in situations that a player of his quality has no need to be in.

Suarez does not need to give people other reasons to talk about him; scoring goals like he did all of last season and against England should be enough.

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