Gunners Eye Schneiderlin – Why The Saints Man Is Exactly What Arsenal Need

To be a successful defensive midfielder you need a number of key attributes. Many think that it is easy playing in the position, but it is actually one of the hardest to master. It is a position that doesn’t require you to run a marathon every time you step foot on to a pitch, but you need a little bit of everything to be successful. It is not a position that just any midfielder can play in either. This is especially true for players who are used to attacking; it can create problems if they are told to defend more.

Arsenal are very specific in what defensive midfielder they want. They see this position as one of the most important in the team, because when the role is not carried out effectively they suffer. Mikel Arteta was great when he played, but with age comes less mobility and the Gunners suffered on a couple of occasions last season. Mathieu Flamini also put in a shift, but his lack of self-discipline cost Arsenal when it mattered most. I can’t recall a game in which Flamini didn’t pick up a card.

Arsene Wenger is set to remedy that situation this summer as he looks to try and sign Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton, who are currently witnessing some kind of squad exodus. The Express are reporting that the North Londoners are readying a £20 million bid.

Schneiderlin, in my opinion, ticks all the boxes for a successful defensive midfielder. He has self-discipline not to engage in affairs further up the pitch, as well as not being so rash in his tackles. Intelligence and a level-headed approach make him very efficient when the going gets tough, and he would keep the Gunners in possession if the team needed a rest for a couple of moments.

Despite what I said about him not making rash tackles, he is 100% committed to all the tackles he does make.  He is a strong yet mobile player who can pass and is unlikely get sent off when you need him most. Add in his Premier League experience and relatively young age and you get a perfect signing for Arsenal.

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