Liverpool FC – Pros And Cons Of The Upcoming Glorious Champions League Nights

Liverpool is back in the UEFA Champions League after 4 long years, and the fans are looking forward to a long run in the competition this season. Liverpool has won the Champions League in the 2004-05 season, so the fans are justified in expecting a good performance from them this time around.

            As much as competing in Europe makes Liverpool a more desirable option for most players, there are advantages and disadvantages of competing in Europe.


Players are attracted like moths to light: Now that Liverpool is back in the Champions League, players linked with moves to Liverpool are not distancing themselves from such moves, as they would over the last few years. Liverpool might have had history, but that wasn’t enough to lure players over, when they weren’t competing in Europe. Now that they are competing in Europe, there is an added allure to the team.

More profits: In anticipation of the funds generated by UCL competition, Liverpool have already spent a solid amount in the transfer window as they look to get players who can contribute in the present and in the future, as well as increase the strength of the squad depth. The profits generated by the TV deal have helped and have added to Liverpool’s coffers, too.

Second is good, First is even better: Liverpool may have reached second the last time around, but they know that they let it slip in the end. They will be looking to make amends, and even though the other teams around them are looking more and more ominous, expect Liverpool to give the others a run for their money, especially if they can get a good-enough replacement for Luis Suarez.


Second-season syndrome: The not-so-optimistic fans are fearing ‘second-season syndrome’, where the team crashes back to earth. The signs all point to it: the selling of their top striker, Luis Suarez; buying too many new players to integrate into the team quickly, coming second last season which could create internal feelings of self-doubt within the team and higher pressure and expectations this time around, which points to trouble.

A higher number of matches: More players have been bought to add to squad depth, but will these players deliver? Rodgers has to get the team combination and rotation policies right; with equal amounts of youth/inexperience and experience, or else the team will lose winnable games. The pressure of having to battle on all fronts could lead to increased levels of fatigue and will increase the chances of injuries to players. This will have maximum impact during the hectic Christmas and May matches.

            Would Liverpool’s hopes be shot down by the end of the season, will they fly even higher under the pressure? As much as I would like to think that Liverpool will fight and will emerge successful, they look significantly weaker as compared to their competitors, due to the loss of their talisman. Who’s to say that one of their players will not take over the mantle and guide the team forward though? At the end of it all, football is a game of 11-versus-11, and there is no weaker and stronger once the teams step onto the pitch. One thing is for sure, that the players representing Liverpool will play, to win.

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