Chelsea Boss Talks About Arsenal’s “Invincibles” Tag – The Goal Is To Win, Not To Earn The Tag

Mourinho hints Chelsea exit?

There is a lot of interest in the online slots regarding the possibility of Chelsea going all the way through the season as unbeaten champions. But the Chelsea club manager, José Mourinho said that he won’t allow the team to be distracted by such possibilities. According to Jose Mourinho, this is their chance to end the drought of premier league wins and he is not willing to risk this chance at all.

The team manager, Mr Mourinho, clarified that his goal is to win the premier league and end the season at an all time high but the team is in no way looking forward to earn the tag of Invincibles that Arsenal earned about a decade ago.

He said that there is a fundamental drawback in the ideology of surviving the entire season unbeaten. According to him if a team plays just to stay unbeaten then it gets defensive and tries to play for draws. This ideology takes away the sharpness of the players and minimizes their risk taking abilities. Not only does it hurts the spirit of the game but it also reduces the overall entertainment quotient that the game of football is known for. He said that the team will play to win, they will take the chances and they will aim to score as many goals as possible even if it puts them at the risk of losing one or two games. He said that by playing defensive in order to draw the game you actually end up cheating your fans and it earns you bad reputation.

The statement of Mourinho is well justified. Let’s take a look at the scoring system. Let us suppose that a team plays 10 games in total and all of the matches end up in a draw. This will earn the team a total of 10 points. In a different scenario if a team wins five matches and loses the other five, it earns them a total of 15 points. Mourinho also cited the same example and said that he will prefer 15 points and 5 lost matches as compared to 10 points and 10 draws.

He said that their strategy is devised for scoring maximum number of goals. The players believe in scoring and fans love it. Playing for the draw just to stay unbeaten is just out of the question.

Even though online casinos have seen a large number of bets being placed on Chelsea sailing through the season as undefeated champions, it seems that the club has a different plan altogether.

The club is looking strong and it might even make it through as undefeated but the fact that the players didn’t had adequate time for their training sessions also raises some doubts over their performance in the upcoming games. Recently while returning home, the club’s schedule got hampered as their flight got cancelled due to bad weather. In view of the disturbed training schedule the coach and the team managers were forced to re-devise their training program. We will have to wait and see if the new plan yields any positive results or not.

Though the team is playing to win and is willing to risk some matches for that, there is wide speculation and ever increasing interest amongst fans and football fanatics about Chelsea ending the season undefeated.


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