Done Deal! Manchester United Complete Staggering £750m Deal As Club To Be Benefited For The Next 10 Years

It has now been confirmed that on August 1st Adidas will be officially releasing Manchester United’s new kit for the upcoming season. Though the fans are eagerly awaiting the club’s new outfits, the right to do has cost the German sportswear brand a staggering £750m, which they will be paying the Red Devils over a 10 year period.

These reports have been all over the news for months now and there have been a lot of mock-ups released, as the fans across the globe waited eagerly for the official kits to be released which Wayne Rooney and Co will wear this season.

Sportsmail spoke about how bosses at Nike rejected United’s proposal within an hour and the new deal could be one of the best things that executive vice chairman Ed Woodward has done during his time at Old Trafford.

Manchester United's new adidas shirt is released on August 1 but is this leaked kit the real one?
Courtesy of Dailymail

Thousands of seats bearing the famous Nike logo will be ripped out of the Theater of dreams at the weekend and will be replaced with stripes of adidas rather.

Adidas’s victory was taken well by many of the United faithful, remembering the iconic kits of the 80’s and that the company will release a number of retro items as well.

Despite all that, an industry insider with knowledge of the deal, stated that, “Nike believed it would be impossible to make a profit under the terms United had presented.”

“In the past, United fans have complained about the amount of merchandise and how much it costs but given how much adidas have paid, that will seem like the good old days once the new deal kicks in and they have to try and claw back some of the money they have already spent.”

“Everyone knows Ed (Woodward) is a fierce negotiator and this could be his finest hour.”

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