Top tips to succeed at football accumulators


Despite the fact that a large majority of experts recommend placing only single bets, as they’re supposedly the best means to become profitable in the long term, there’s a healthy percentage of online football bettors that prefer accumulators instead. Although accumulators don’t offer equally good winning chances, as there are multiple selections involved, they nevertheless continue to be popular for backing the odds-on favourites and for winning huge sums of money in one go.

In fact, with the not too far away, you must begin working on your accumulators-strategy and at the earliest possible. Let’s take you through 4 important tips that can help you use accumulator bets to your advantage and succeed with them in the upcoming World Cup.

Create multiple betting accounts

Considering that the odds-on each one of your selections would get multiplied with the bet amount for determination of potential winnings, even a slight change in the prices can significantly decrease or increase your total returns. Hence, you must open betting accounts with different bookmakers as it would help you avail the best possible prices/odds each time. Furthermore, keeping in mind that you would mostly be backing the odds-on favourites, it would be better to find out the bookmakers that offer consistently offer good prices on the top sides.

Adjust your stakes depending on the overall odds and the number of selections

Keeping in mind the fact that the accumulators qualify for returns only when all selections win, punters must consider the relation between the overall combined odds and the size of their stakes. It wouldn’t make much sense to invest plenty of money if there are a good number of legs on the betting slip, and if the total combined odds are significant. Hence, don’t refrain from scaling down your bets if the accumulator seems like a long shot. On the other hand, if there are many selections in your accumulator where each team can be termed as hot favourite, you can freely increase the stake amount and attempt multiplication a few times.

Short priced favourites aren’t always the best

Online punters normally use the strategy of backing at short odds while placing accumulator bets, however, you should be aware that some of the strongest sides also slip up on critical occasions. Hence, it would be wise to sometimes skip the short priced favourites if the offered odds are too low to derive any good value from them. You must instead get behind the in-form teams going up against weaker sides, hence keeping the winning possibility almost the same, but significantly improving the total combined odds.

Factor in the accumulator bonuses

Many off-line and online bookies offer their regular customers attractive bonuses on the winning accumulators, sometimes adding up 100% cash bonuses on top of the winnings, based on the total number of selections. Such bonuses can add a significant amount of extra value to the accumulators, hence, it would make great sense to open an account at all such websites.