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Arsene Wenger and his legacy – Why the world will miss him when he retires?


When one talks about teams in the Premier League, many come to my mind. There are a few that stand out though and one of those continue to be Arsenal. The Gunners are an English powerhouse side by every measure and if they have reached such great heights, it all comes down to one man – Arsene Wenger.

Right now, a good majority of the Arsenal fans have turned against him and to be very fair, one cannot blame them. Match after match, the Gunners have put up lacklustre displays and they continue to struggle despite having some of the biggest stars in the team.

Their midfield contains seasoned Premier League players like Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey and their defence boasts of some of the sturdiest defenders in the league. And yet, Arsenal have not found their groove this season.

Unfortunately for the club, their situation has just been worsening over the last few years and this time, it has reached the saturation point. Consecutive defeats to Manchester City have filled even the most passionate fan’s heart with dismay and anger and it seems like they have come to a point of no return.

Chants of ‘Wenger Out’ continue to grow louder across the world and speculations were rife that the French manager would be sacked after Arsenal failed to secure a Champions League qualification spot last season. However, the management decided to keep him on for another two years but once more, his questionable tactics and lack of judgement of the constantly-evolving modern game of football have landed the club in hot water.


In fact, the chances of Wenger exiting the club continue to increase as the days go by. For many of us who grew up watching football in the early 2000s, it is honestly unimaginable to fathom an Arsenal side without the familiar sight of Wenger on the sidelines. With his perfectly tailored suit and the hairstyle he has donned throughout the years, the Frenchman does make for a powerful presence.

However, in a post-Wenger era, Arsenal might do well and improve as a team but there is absolutely no doubt that a lot of us will miss the manager.

After all, he is the one to have developed so many superstars while reaching and creating new milestones on a regular basis. How can anybody forget Wenger’s Invincibles? That was a season that will forever remain etched onto the minds of Premier League fans and not just people who support the club. To have gone an entire season unbeaten is unthinkable and yet, Wenger managed to do it at a time when there were no hefty price tags or inflated player values.

We are living in a time where price tags are as inflated as player’s egos and somewhere in between all the glitz and glamour of big endorsements and flashy cars, a manager like Wenger does not fit anymore. His strict emphasis on routine and discipline and the gentlemanly aspects of the game continue to be a necessity – but as managers like Julian Nagelsmann and Marco Silva emerge, there seem to be newer traits that are being employed while coming up with tactics and formations.

That said, people like Wenger hold a special place in the history of the game. Even the most passionate Arsenal fan might disagree with his decisions and tactics in most matches but one thing is for sure – the day he announces his retirement, there will be a lot of silent tears shed among the Arsenal faithful.


Yes, the previous season and current one have been rather chaotic and terrible but is that enough to erase the legacy he has built so meticulously over the years? Most definitely not. Wenger will always be a legendary figure for Arsenal and there is nothing that can change that. Famous for his dry humour and steely looks, every single person associated with the Premier League will miss him when he leaves.

When it comes to iconic managers, Sir Alex Ferguson’s name will always remain eternal but Wenger is definitely quite close to that place. Even though watching him leave would be quite saddening, one cannot deny that it is high time for him to leave. It is quite evident that the fans are livid and they want to see some positive changes pronto. If Wenger continues like this, he will be at risk of destroying the reputation he built since more than the last decade.

Hence, although we are all aware that Wenger should be on his way out of the glorious Emirates Stadium, there is no doubt that we will lose one of European football’s most reputable characters.