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Football and the Betting Market

Football and betting have been interlinked for so long that it is difficult to know when one became synonymous with the other. However, it was in the 1960s, when the UK legalized sports betting that the relationship between the sport and betting really solidified. Punters then had a whole variety of opportunities to bet on their favorite teams with .

How the Link Between Football and Betting Strengthened

When the UK legalized gambling with the , football fans were now able to legally bet on the sport. This led to major businesses entering the sports betting market, and companies such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral began to dominate the betting market.

In the beginning, despite the legalization of sports betting, sports bookies were still encouraged to be discrete about their business. However, in the 1990s, football and other sports were televised and only those games were open to betting for punters. Because of this, sports betting entered the mainstream and was no longer a discrete activity.

Then, with the advent of the internet, sports betting became even more popular, with most punters switching to online betting due to its convenience.

Today, betting on football constitutes a whopping 70% of the sports betting market, which is estimated to generate a current revenue of more than $250 billion dollars! And licensed online bookmakers account for more than $39.7 billion of that revenue.

Growth of Online Betting on Football

If you are looking at betting on your favorite football league now, then you can find your bookmaker offers here on the internet.

According to various market research companies, the growth of the online sports betting markets is expected to explode in the coming years. Legitimate sports bookmakers are already popular with the tech-savvy younger bettors who prefer to place their bets on various football matches from anywhere and at any time.

And as the world grows more digital, this trend is expected to increase even more. Now that most people conduct most of their business on mobile phones, online sports betting companies are also developing apps that are compatible with mobile operating systems.

Currently, 20% of online bettors use their mobile phones to place their bets, however, by the end of 2019, that number is expected to more than double to 45%.

Technology Giants May Dominate Football Betting in the Future

Computer algorithms, called predictive technology, are a key component in the evolution of online sports betting. And as this technology improves, technology companies across the world will begin to compete against currently established bookmakers for a piece of the betting pie.

In fact, there are some experts who believe that the future of the online betting market will be in the hands of the technology giants such as Google, Bloomberg and Microsoft.

The reason why experts believe that this is the way online sports betting will go is because some of the big technology companies have already applied for betting patents.

For example, Microsoft has applied for a patent for placing bets in real time on mobile devices and online sites. Microsoft is not the only company to do so. Sony, Cantor Fitzgerald and Reuters have also either applicants or already hold betting-related patents.

And more companies are expected to enter the gambling arena in the near future.

Sports Betting in the United States

While sports betting in the UK has been legal for decades, the US is finally following suit. Earlier in 2019, the country’s Supreme Court legalized sports gambling. While Pennsylvania and New Jersey have already legalized sports betting, in the next 5 years, another 32 states in the US are expected to follow suit.

According to Gambling Compliance, the US is set to become the world’s biggest football betting market in the next five years.

Bookmakers Sponsoring Football Leagues

Earlier, it was the big tobacco and alcohol companies as well as others like them that used to sponsor the football teams. Now, however, there is an emerging trend where football leagues, such as the Premier League, are teaming up with bookmakers, which has ended up benefitting both parties.

With football fans crazy about betting on their favorite teams, a growing number are downloading the latest mobile betting apps to be able to do so. And with so many teams now moving towards sponsorships from bookmakers, fans are automatically downloading the apps that are displayed on their players’ jerseys.

The Future of Betting in Football

With technology being used to enhance online football betting, the statistics loving fans are only expected to increase in the coming years. This technology will also enable various types of betting, including global peer-to-peer action and wagers made using cryptocurrencies.

The football betting market is expected to continue to dominate the gambling world, with more variations to bet on than ever before.

5 Reasons Why Players from European Clubs Flop in the Premier League?


Premier League

The Premier League has established itself as the world’s most popular competition because it attracts the finest talent from across the globe. Superstars like Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Vincent Kompany have dazzled with their brilliance over the years, and many British players struggle to get a look in. But for every Henry there is an Andriy Shevchenko, for every Ronaldo there is a Radamel Falcao and for every Kompany there is a Jerome Boateng. Why do so many promising foreign imports flop in the Premier League? Here are the top five reasons:

Blistering Pace

The Premier League is played at a breakneck pace and many players are overwhelmed by its intensity, physicality and speed. The action in countries like Italy and Spain seems slow and plodding in comparison to the English top flight. Serie A sides place a great deal of emphasis on tactical battles and outmanoeuvring their opponents, while La Liga teams often value technical proficiency, intricate interplay and possession-based football. Matches often feel like painstaking games of chess on the continent.

By contrast, the Premier League is turbo charged. The action moves from end to end rapidly, and players have less time to catch their breath than anywhere else in the world. The foreign imports that have flourished in the Premier League can either run extremely fast or think very quickly. You have less time on the ball before a crunching tackle comes in, so you need to be cool and collected under intense pressure.

The likes of David Silva, Cesc Fabregas and Dennis Bergkamp are not exactly fleet of foot, but their footballing brains react to situations rapidly and allow them to thrive in a fast-paced contest. Players such as Riyad Mahrez, Sergio Aguero and Mohamed Salah are blessed with bags of pace. If you can think and move at lightning speed, you can take the league by storm, as evidenced by Ronaldo and Henry.


The Premier League is also an extremely physical division. Many players that arrive from overseas are unused to locking horns with defenders like Jamie Carragher, Richard Dunne, John Terry and Ryan Shawcross for 90 minutes. Midfield enforcers like Roy Keane, Lee Cattermole, Joey Barton, Robbie Savage and Kevin Nolan run around kicking lumps out of the opposition. This can be very difficult for players from other European Clubs to acclimatise to. It is not a league for shrinking violets and players need to roll up their sleeves and fight back if they are to succeed.

It requires great mental and physical stamina too. There is no winter break in the Premier League, so it turns into a long old season. As winter sets in, many players from the Mediterranean and South America struggle to perform week in, week out on frozen pitches as the rain lashes down and the opposing fans bay for blood. A prominent criticism of foreign imports is their tendency to go missing in games. Mesut Ozil, Erik Lamela and Stevan Jovetic are among the players to be levelled with this charge.

Players need to be extremely fit, strong and quick to succeed for 90 minutes, often twice a week, for nine months of the year, especially during the hectic Christmas period. It was too much for Angel Di Maria, Juan Cuadrado and Diego Forlan. They all succeeded on the continent, flopped in England and then went on to enjoy success again after moving to France, Italy or Spain. Many of the players that have succeeded are magnificent physical specimens that blend mental fortitude with upper body strength, from Didier Drogba to Virgil Van Dijk.

A Stronger League

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

The level of competition is arguably higher in the Premier League than anywhere else in the world. When a team is promoted to the Bundesliga, La Liga Primera, Serie A or Ligue 1, they often serve as the whipping boys of the division for a season before sinking back down. Yet promotion to the Premier League is  to Championship clubs. The league is so popular on a global basis that TV companies pay exorbitant sums for broadcasting rights, and this is shared among the 20 teams competing for glory.

It allows newly promoted clubs to invest a fortune in their squads as they bid for survival. Case in point: Aston Villa have spent £135 million plus on 12 new players this summer in an effort to beat the drop. That forces the teams around them to invest heavily too, meaning the Premier League is flooded with the many of the most promising players from across the globe. It has been the top-spending league in the world for many years now, and that makes it ultra-competitive.

Against this backdrop, it can be harder to thrive. Many players arrive with big reputations after banging in 20 goals in a season in Ligue 1 or the Eredivisie, and suddenly they find themselves up against defensive lines worth £100 million on a weekly basis and they simply cannot cut it. As the  shows, the gap between the teams in the English top flight is not quite as stark as it is in Spain or Italy, where Barcelona and Juventus are expected to steamroll their opponents on a weekly basis. Playing well in countries like Holland, Belgium, France and even Germany is no guarantee of success in England either, as the overall level of quality is so much higher and it is a totally unforgiving league.

Culture Shock

Many players simply struggle to . That is not unique to the Premier League, as it can be difficult for any player to acclimatise to a new country after leaving their homeland. But many stars from South America will find it much easier to adjust to life in Spain or Portugal than they will in England. Uruguayan Lucas Torreira recently  and said life was better in Italy, and that is a common complaint. The old cliché goes that players need to be able to hack it on a cold, rainy Tuesday night at Stoke, or they will not do well in the league. The Potters are no longer in the top flight, but the sentiment stands: if you cannot cope with the long English winter, you are not going to make it in the Premier League.

The language barrier is also an issue for many players. Players speaking Spanish, French and Portuguese can communicate pretty easily with one another, but English is a totally different tongue to master, and if they do not put in the effort to learn it they are likely to feel isolated in the dressing room. Other players hate the quality of English food, or the size and business of the cities they are living in. Szilard Nemeth famously endeared himself to Middlesbrough fans by claiming the city is as ugly as its women. He is an extreme example, but many players simply struggle with the culture shock and fare better in an environment they feel more comfortable in.

Demand for Instant Success

Suffering relegation can be calamitous for Premier League clubs as it leaves them saddled with inflated wage bills and in financial peril. Owners and chairmen are therefore notoriously trigger-happy and they dispense with managers rapidly when the results go south. This creates a demand for instant success, and many coaches simply cannot afford to persist with players that need time to adapt to the rigours of Premier League football. It is extremely competitive at both ends of the table, and managers need players that can pretty much succeed from the beginning of their careers in England.

It means that many players are not given a proper opportunity to show what they are made of. Some have found themselves jettisoned out before they really had time to get going, but persistence can pay dividends. Carlos Tevez was initially considered a flop after failing to set the world alight during his first campaign in England back in 2006. However, Alan Curbishley kept selecting him and he eventually became a solid signing, scoring the goals that , before moving to Man Utd and winning the title. Henry failed to score in his first eight games, but then went on to become Arsenal’s record goalscorer and lead the club to glory. If more coaches kept faith in foreign arrivals that initially struggle, it might help their clubs succeed.

Why Should You Wear Football Cleats?

soccer footy betting souls soccersouls

Football is quite a sport. It’s full of strategy, mind games and fantastic footwork. There is a ball and the point of the entire game is to score as many goals as you can by kicking the ball. But, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are eleven people on each side and they all want to win. So, how can someone stand out from the competition and get a competitive edge? The answer is by improving your equipment and by that, we mean getting a great pair of football cleats that will boost your performance. to learn more.

They improve traction

Regular running shoes are useless when it comes to playing football. Sure, they feel like you’re running on a cloud, but they aren’t made to perform on a football field. If you plan on doing fast movements with running shoes, the chances are that you will slip and fall. It’s just how it is. The fields are often made from grass which can be well manicured or not. Now, if it was raining the day before, that only adds up to the problem. Your chances of slipping and falling increase substantially, no matter the grass. However, with a good pair of cleats, you can get the traction and the grip needed for scoring.

These professional shoes allow you to do sudden movements and give you more grip and traction. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you break them in. It won’t matter if you’re speeding up or slowing down, cleats are made to dig into the ground and boost movement.

They help with ball control

In football, the goal of the game is to control the ball. Wearing big and chunky shoes will only make it harder for you to do that. The shape of the shoe affects how you move the ball with your feet. Since the ball is round, any part of the shoe can be responsible if it doesn’t go as you planned. The worst scenario is being alone in front of an empty goal of the opposing team and you kick and miss. There is nothing that compares to that feeling and you can avoid it by getting a good pair of cleats. Here’s more info: .

Professional shoes are designed with the shape of the ball in mind. They allow you to control the ball with ease and avoid situations like missing a clear goal. The only situation cleats are not functional is if you’re playing on concrete. Then they will prove to be at a disadvantage because all of the spikes won’t dig into the ground. However, any other type of terrain is perfect for wearing cleats.

They help with changing directions

Football is filled with a ton of sharp movements. Especially when you’re dribbling. You need to move left and right and confuse the opposing team. It’s all possible because of the way they’re made. The spikes on their bottom dig into the grass and provide you a stable ground to move from. They restrict slipping and you can perform at your highest level.

They’re comfortable

A few years ago, it was quite uncomfortable to wear cleats. They were made with metal parts and running with them for an hour or more wasn’t so pleasant. However, every new year we see improvements in footwear. Now, they’re made with exclusive cushioning technology that makes them even better than regular walking shoes. There’s a pair for everyone. You can check some here.

Even if you’re suffering from flat feet, there are cleats made for you too. Many of the biggest brands realize this problem and they want to help out as much as they can. There are also pairs with ankle support, which is useful for injury prevention. All those sharp movements put a strain on our joints and ligaments, so having the extra help is perfect when it comes to both casual and professional playing.

A few final words

All in all, having shoes designed for the sport you’re playing is going to benefit you. It will both improve the game, and give you an edge at the same time. With a new pair of cleats, you get better traction, better grip and the opportunity to make sharp movements without the fear of slipping.

Misconduct and Fines as Player Blasts Out at Sky Sports

robert snodgrass

Former Aston Villa load player Robert Snodgrass has hit out at Sky Sports after claiming that the media giants were ‘trying to get a bite out of him’ reports today.

Snodgrass was responding to a report by Sky Sports following an incident with UK anti-doping officials. An Independent Regulatory Commission had handed down a one-match ban and a fine to the player following an incident where the anti-doping testers had been attended a match at which Snodgrass had been a player.

It is alleged that Snodgrass hit out at the officials with abusive and/or insulting language, apparently having ask them ‘Didn’t they have anything better to do?’ and then swore at them. For this, the player was handed down a fine of £30,000 and given a one-match suspension, which is not currently in force while he considers his options. That being said, Snodgrass wasn’t approached to undertake a doping test, and neither has he refused to take a doping test, so it isn’t clear what prompted the comments.

However, it was to Sky Sports, following their coverage of the incident that Snodgrass saved his most castigating of comments. Snodgrass is to have said “Sky you’re looking for a bite…… I ain’t giving you it! The way you wrote this is sloppy and isn’t the truth. The season must be finished and clutching for stories…. disappointing! Think I might cancel my sports channels now.“

The comments came on social media from Snodgrass following the incident, and it is clear that he feels strongly about the report. Snodgrass claims that anti-doping officials overhead some banter between players and took it out of context to bring the complaint. He also stated that perhaps they had misheard what he had said as a result of his Scottish accent. He said “as a Scotsman, my accent can sometimes be difficult for people to understand”  He claims the incident occurred in a noisy environment as the players were leaving the dressing room. So he fully believes that the comments were not as they were interpreted by the officials.

Aston Villa is gearing up for championship play off’s and any loss of players to the squad is going to have a dramatic effect on their chances at chaining promotion back to the premiership. The team will be facing Derby in a midlands clash on bank holiday Monday, and it is not clear whether Snodgrass will be cleared for the contest. Although as the FA has already stated his ban is currently pending a review as to whether he will lodge an appeal or not. So it is possible that he could still see play. The Championship play-offs final could secure a windfall of some £180M for the winning club, and so Villa will definitely want to be fielding their best time for the game. Villa is currently the team on form having had a run of ten winning matches in a row to close out the season; now they just need to win the big one.

Manchester Switch for Most Valuable Premier League Club

Pep Guardiola

As they continue on their quest to lift the title for the second year in a row, it seems that there have also been other knock-on effects thanks to the success of the once Manchester underdogs, Man City, it appears that now Manchester United has also lost their most valuable financial Premier League Club crown and it has passed to the worst team possible for them, local rivals Manchester City as reports.

A new study into football finance has made some shocking revelations that upend the perceived placement of the Premier League teams and now rank Manchester City at the top. Climbing by £385m the team is currently valued at £2.364bn which easily leaves them in the highest spot. Manchester United has taken a hit of £376m and now has a value of £2.087bn, but leaves the comfortably in second. The loss is thought to be lower profits and a higher wage bill. It is also interesting to note that the top six ranking clubs make up for nearly three-quarters of the total value of the whole league. The other four clubs in the top six are Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal which ironically are the six teams ranking first on the table, although not quite in that order.

The study used figures from 2017/2018, and while the numbers might change by the end of this season, the placings are not predicted to change all that much. Only the two Manchester clubs have a value over two billion; every other club comes below this. The next three clubs all saw a jump in value, it was just Arsenal that dropped, and this is down to the fact they were not in the Champions League that season. They have values of Spurs (£1.837bn), Liverpool (£1.615bn), Chelsea (£1.615bn) and Arsenal (£1.368bn). Which to be fair are still some pretty vast numbers. Interestingly it is Burnley that sits in seventh and have a value of £398m some considerable way behind the top six, but they were not to be the “most sensibly run club in the Premier League financially”. Overall looking at the cumulative value of all the clubs in the league there was a 1.6% fall which equates to £14.7bn.

Speaking about Manchester City the notes from the study state that the reason they are at the top is due to higher revenue and lower wages, a profit of £39m from selling players, and the fact that this then removed some of the highest earners from the wage bill. “The ownership model of Sheikh Mansour, which effectively means that the club is debt free, means that there are no loan interest costs and no dividends are paid to shareholders either,”

The study, which was carried out by the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Sports Business Group also notes that calculations were based on data with the factors of “Account revenue, profits, non-recurring costs, average profits on player sales over a three-year period, net assets, wage control and proportion of seats sold.”

Football’s Worst Refereeing Decisions



Football is no stranger to injustice; finding an honest referee who has never made a bad decision is as rare as finding a Manchester United fan from Manchester. With the introduction of VAR and goal-line technology, these instances are thankfully decreasing. In the past there have been some egregious decisions that have caused public uproar, and here are our top 5.

The Hand Of God


Picture the scene: it’s the 1986 World Cup Quarter Finals, England face Argentina, just 4 years after the Falklands War, and the rivalry is rife. Football legend Diego Maradona is often mentioned in the same sentence as controversy, and  this game included plenty of just that!

51 minutes into the game Maradona scored with a blatant handball, the cross came in and Maradona buried it with his hand. Argentina went on to win the match 2-1, much to England’s disgust. The match has been immortalized as one of the most memorable moments in football history;the goal itself was dubbed The Hand Of God Goal.


3 Yellow Cards And A Partridge In A Pear Tree


If you Google World Cup 2006, you’ll be met with lists of controversies. Most notable was Croatian Defender Josip Šimunić’s record 3 yellow cards. Australia fought Croatia for the group’s runners-up spot. The game ended 2-2, but the most interesting feat of the game was the number of times English referee Graham Poll carded a single player. Josip Šimunić received his second yellow in the 90th minute, he should have left the field immediately. Instead, he played a further 3 minutes before shoving referee Poll, resulting in his third yellow card, followed by a red.

Luis Garcia And The Friendly Ghost (Goal)


A ‘Ghost Goal’ is a term often used when referring to a questionable goal. Especially in terms of whether the ball travelled over the goal line. In 2005, Chelsea met Liverpool in a Champions League Semi-Final. The game ended in a 1-nil victory for the reds, the goal’s validity is, however, debatable.

Liverpool winger Luis Garcia attempted an audacious chip over Chelsea keeper Petr Čech, the ball was cleared off the line by French defender William Gallas. Alas, Ľuboš Micheľ awarded the goal all the same. There are two groups of people you don’t wish to anger, football fans and José Mourinho, and Micheľ managed both.

 Schumacher Clatters Battiston


Seemingly, the worst referee decisions occur at World Cups. The stakes are high, the pressure is on, mistakes at this level are unlikely to be forgotten. The 1982 World Cup suffered its fair share of poor decisions. The most discussed was West Germany keeper Harold Schumacher’s collision with French Defender Patrick Battiston.

After a long through ball from Michel Platini, Battiston and Schumacher sprinted towards each other in a race for the ball. Battiston reached the ball first, flicking it over Schumacher, Schumacher leapt into the air to move the ball’s path, instead he heavily clattered into Battiston. The aerial challenge left Battiston unconscious, later slipping into a coma, he lost two teeth and cracked 3 ribs as a result of the incident. Surprisingly, Dutch referee Charles Corver did not award a free-kick.

Pedro Mendes Disallowed Goal


In 2005, Spurs Portuguese Midfielder, Pedro Mendes, took a shot at goal from 55 yards, chipping Manchester United Goalkeeper, Roy Carrol. Carrol fumbled the ball, but it had quite obviously passed the goal line, so it was an obvious goal. Well, to everyone except Mark Clattenburg.

Clattenburg failed to award the goal and continued with play. The match ended in a 0-0 draw, much to the disappointment of Tottenham.

 This list was created by professional Line Marking company, . 







Could The Ultimate Prize Evade Guardiola At City?

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City have enjoyed an excellent start to the season and are seemingly on their way to securing back-to-back Premier League titles. Manchester United were the last team to earn repeat crowns in the top flight, achieving the feat in the 2007/08 and 2008/09 campaigns. Since then, reigning champions have been unable to retain the title, which has even seen two managers sacked the year after lifting the trophy.

However, City appear to be immune to those impediments, making an unbeaten start to the term, dropping only four points from their opening 13 matches. Pep Guardiola’s men have been dominant, scoring 40 goals, while conceding just five in the process. Liverpool have made a quality start to the campaign themselves, but are still trailing City at the top of the table.

Having won the Premier League crown last season, the ultimate for City this term is the Champions League – the only feat that has evaded their grasp since the takeover of the club in 2008 by Sheikh Mansour. They came closest in the 2015/16 season under the charge of Manuel Pellegrini when they were defeated in the semi-finals by Real Madrid.

City’s first two seasons with Guardiola in the dugout have ended in disappointment, failing to progress beyond the quarter-final stage. The Spaniard won the Champions League twice during his tenure at Barcelona, per , defeating Manchester United twice.

However, European success evaded him with Bayern Munich, falling at the semi-final stage three times in a row. Although City’s exploits in the domestic game are going for strength-to-strength, there is pressure in their European campaign. The club are 7/2 in the odds on Champions League winner 2019 betting markets to lift the crown for the first time, per , although their term got off to the worst possible start with a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Lyon.

City managed to recover and have secured their spot in the next round of the competition. Lyon proved to be a tough opponent once again for Guardiola’s men, playing out a 2-2 draw at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais, as reported by . City have been dominant in the Premier League and their brilliance will likely see them retain their domestic crown, but the danger of the Champions League is that they can be bested in one-off matches.

Liverpool rose to the occasion brilliantly last season in the quarter-finals to claim a 3-0 victory at Anfield before recording 2-1 win at the Etihad Stadium. Their two matches against Lyon have highlighted the issue once again as City would have been knocked out of the competition had they had met the French side in the knockout phase. There are quality teams that City will face in the latter stages of the Champions League, which will require Guardiola’s side to be firing on all cylinders.

During his time with Bayern, his team were perhaps the victims of their own success with the Bundesliga crown already wrapped up before the late stages of the season. As a result, the intensity of their play was not at peak form for the Champions League semi-finals. Fate could conspire in the same formula at City, which could see the ultimate success evade Guardiola once again.

Learn The Main Techniques And Tips For Winning Football Bets

Tips For Winning Football Bets

There are some common mistakes everyone will do when you bet on football matches. In order to succeed in sports betting, you must know where you are playing. Some of the most popular bets on the market are not recommended and can cause you to lose money. And that’s give you tips on how to win football bets and hit the heels of your football bets by following the football betting tips.

Accumulated / Multiple Bets

This type of bet gives you hope to combine high levels and with safe choices. But you need to be careful because the more you accumulate games, the less chance you have to win. Of course, multiplying your bets by playing in the obvious, such as wins from Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester City makes your chances of winning increase as these teams hardly win the round. However, a zebra and all the money placed is lost. And at least a draw of these clubs is even common from time to time … if you analyze the retrospect you will see that Real Madrid drew many games in the year against inferior teams. Barcelona itself, who are unbeaten this season, drew 1-1 in the final round. That is, anything can happen.

Live Football Betting Tips

Live betting has become popular in recent times, increasing the demand for football betting tips. To play in this mode, it is obvious that the best thing to do is to be following the match to bet in real time. This is the advantage of being able to bet in a live game. You can see who is right and wrong to make your bet. However, the main disadvantage in live betting is: odds are usually low, hard to find with high numbers and the delay can cause your bet to be declined.

Bets On Your Own Team

It is not recommended to bet on your own team. People really have difficulty analyzing with their heads, what moves their heart. They overestimate their team, putting faith and loyalty in their fans, which can take you directly to an ordeal in the betting world. A winning bet in your own club can lead you to lose twice – money staked and sports defeat – which makes a possible negative result more painful.

Tips for Classic Football Betting

Classic bets like Asian Handicap and Over / Under are the most correct bets to make in football. They are the most recommended and least make you lose money as they are where the competition are greatest. The same applies to the bets of definitive winners – this in the long run, but a good game request. Now, escape the scorecasts. This mode is very popular, but with less chance of success.

Always use objective research based on an assessment of all facts with reference to the odds of staking your bets on football. And do not despair! It is very common to double your bet after a losing bet and that is not very effective. Keep following your instinct and study the sport to recoup the loss gradually and make cash for new bets.