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Your Team Needs You


They say a week is a long time in football and this week certainly feels like one of the longest weeks ever. After all the turmoil and speculation this week it will in a way be nice to actually get back to the football as Liverpool come to town tomorrow evening no doubt looking to take advantage of the current goings on. 

Whilst I am expecting a pretty hostile and vicious atmosphere tomorrow I would hope and beg the fans to get behind the team in the 90 minutes of football. By all means make your feelings known before and after the game but during it the players need our support in what was always going to be a tough game anyway against a team we have a very poor record against in recent meetings. 

There is obviously anger and people are clearly not happy, myself included but what we don’t want to happen is all the current issues being compounded with us getting hammered – the media and press will be waiting for that to happen to allow them to hammer the club and the owner even more. 

I have said this already but at the end of the day Hughton is gone and Pardew is here – there is nothing we can do to change that so we have to get behind the manager and help him carry on what Hughton has started here.

On to the actual game and I’m expecting Pardew to leave things pretty similar to what they have been the last few games as he has literally only had today training with them so there is not going to be any drastic changes I don’t think whilst he susses out the players. 

Williamson and Coloccini remain suspended so Taylor and Campbell will no doubt continue to deputise. Hopefully at least 1 of Barton and Nolan will return so we should see a change in midfield with hopefully Guthrie at least missing out and possibly Routledge too if both of them are fit. 

Personally I would definitely have a go at Liverpool; they are missing the likes of Carragher and Gerrard and really have not had a good start to the season. They obviously do have quality in the likes of Fernando Torres but if we can shackle him and have a go then I certainly think Carroll can cause their defence problems. 

I think unfortunately the game is going to be more about the atmosphere rather than the football, I expect it to be a pretty horrible and vicious atmosphere similar to the Hull game after Keegan’s departure but we saw what happened that day so as I say I just hope that as well as making their point people can get behind the team because a result here would do wonders for Alan Pardew and our season in general. No matter how upset people are the team needs us. 

What are people’s thoughts on tomorrow’s game; can we get a win or do people simply no longer care?


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