Stratford or nothing…nothing it is then

Well spurs have lost out on their bid for the Olympic Stadium to be our new home. While I am happy that we’re not moving away from North London where we belong I am actually a bit gutted we didn’t win the bid. The fact is we need a new Stadium and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in N17 any time soon without it costing millions and millions of pounds. It’s going to happen some where, we are going to move and I think it’s something that spurs fans are going to have to accept if we want to be a top four side year in year out.

Clubs soon will only be able to spend within their means and if we were in the Olympic Stadium we would have been able to double the profit just from ticket sales alone, more people = more money. I mean I go to Tottenham to watch spurs, the players, not to sit in White Hart Lane. Don’t get me wrong I do love the Lane, it’s like my second home but it now needs to be bigger for our progression.

I just hope all these spurs fans who were so against Stratford wont be the same spurs fans moaning in a few months time when they can’t get a ticket to the Lane to watch their beloved spurs.

Also just one last thing, Karen Brady is a idiot! Happy Thursday everyone.

However, I do think spurs should have handled this situation better, I mean why show us all the new plans for Northumberland Park if Levy is now saying it is dead in the water. He has built all our hopes up and now dashed them by saying if we don’t get Stratford there is no Plan B. They shouldn’t have released anything to the fans about the Northumberland site until they new for sure they could go ahead and we had the money to go ahead with it. That’s where I think spurs are in the wrong as maybe more spurs fans would have been behind the Olympic Stadium if they hadn’t already seen the Northumberland Park Project.”

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